Prices for Different Types of Aircon Services in Singapore

At EconCool, we offer a range of aircon services, including normal servicing and maintenance, quarterly aircon gas top-up, parts replacements, and aircon installation for commercial and domestic locations, among others. 

Learn about all the aircon services we offer, where our skilled and reliable technicians will deliver practical solutions and efficient assistance for your home’s air quality to remain uncompromised at cheap reasonable aircon service prices.

A dedicated team of professionals with decades of providing air-conditioning services in Singapore, we take pride in ensuring your vital appliance in the home and workplace is functioning well  — where your aircon releases cool, clean air and retains the right level of humidity and temperature while increasing the air quality, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable.

Aircon Normal Service/Yearly Maintenance

Price Range Wall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $40

Price Range Cassette Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $50

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Price Range Wall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $85

*Services include additional charges if require aircon gas top-up

Aircon Overhaul

Similarly to aircon chemical cleaning, if your aircon unit has not been functioning nor utilised for over a year, an aircon overhaul is needed to get it up and running again. Aircon overhaul includes dismantling and removing the indoor unit before carrying out a thorough chemical cleaning where our technician will also flush the drainage pipe to prevent blockage.

Price Range Wall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $150

Aircon Installation

Price Range Wall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $1,380

*Do note that different systems have different pricing. Please consult with our customer service to know more – they’re always to explain further!

Aircon Gas Top Up

Depending on your aircon unit, different refrigerant gas will be used. The most common aircon gas in Singapore is R32 and R410A.

Price Range Wall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $80 – $180

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