Aircon Parts Replacement Service in Singapore

EconCool SG is a brand you can trust regarding air conditioning maintenance in Singapore. We offer aircon parts replacement service in Singapore, substituting selected aircon components while perhaps discovering other issues you may be facing. So often, people will repair an aircon part and assume it to be the only defective one. But then you find another aspect that needs to be replaced, and it becomes a never-ending removal and repairing process. 

You might even be tempted to replace it with a whole brand new one altogether, but it won’t necessarily be the wisest option for you. Instead, try to replace certain aircon parts that cost you cheaper and still function just as well.

Common Aircon Components & Functions


The blower is responsible for airflow from supply registers. This component pumps chilled air into your home and pulls room-temperature air back for re-cooling, and it works in tandem with your furnace.

The evaporator coil is an indoor component that extracts heat and humidity from the air. It is situated near the blower. This is made possible by the refrigerant that runs through the coil.

The refrigerant is in a gaseous condition once it has absorbed heat. It goes through the compressor, which pressurises and heats the gas even more. This crucial phase allows the refrigerant to release its heat.

While an air conditioner can operate without an air filter, dust and debris in the air will quickly gather on A/C components and may cause damage if the filter is not there. You can even improve interior air quality while the air conditioner is running if you use an efficient enough filter.

This is the evaporator coil’s outside counterpart. As refrigerant moves from the compressor to the condenser, it transfers heat from the inside to the outside. After cooling to a liquid, the refrigerant circulates back inside to capture more heat in the evaporator coil

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