The Best Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

The air conditioning system has evolved into one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in any home or business. You don’t want to suddenly find yourself sweltering in the heat due to a malfunctioning aircon. 

To discover the best air conditioning repair services in Singapore, contact us today, and we will see to it. Our team has the know-how and expertise in aircon repair services to get what needs to be done most efficiently.

Common Signs You Need Aircon Repair in Singapore


Low Refrigerant

Refrigerants remove the heat in our homes. However, when a leak occurs in the coils that house the refrigerant, the levels can drop to dangerously low, making it impossible to chill the home properly. Our specialists can locate and repair leaks as well as replenish refrigerants to get your air conditioner up and running again.

Clogged Drains

Did you know the moisture extracted from your home's air must be released somewhere? A drain line is usually used to eliminate this moisture. However, water can back up into the system if this line becomes clogged, causing the system to fail. If your air conditioning system stops working, look for leaks around the unit and schedule an appointment with our team.

Circuit Breaker Is Tripped By The System

When your central air conditioner is turned on, a breaker in your electrical panel should not trip. If this problem occurs every time the system is turned on, it could signify that the compressor is not correctly grounded. A tripped breaker in your circuit panel, on the other hand, could be caused by a broken capacitor. If your capacitor or compressor is in good working order, you may need to replace the circuit breaker. It's pretty uncommon for breakers to break down as they get older. Water accumulation or active leakage near the air conditioner is an important sign of abnormal operation of the cooling system. If you find this problem, you must contact EconCool SG’s aircon repair technicians right away, as leaks can quickly damage your house and even cause serious structural issues.

The Indoor Fan Isn't Working

If your indoor blower motor does not turn on when the outdoor condensing system is turned on, your capacitor has a problem. Are there any dark smudges on your capacitor? This indicates a leaking or faulty capacitor which you’ll need experts with specialised equipment to fix the problem. Your damaged indoor fan could be due to the furnace control board issues. It may be necessary to replace or restore the electrical board. A rattling or buzzing sound indicates loose parts, while a whistling or rubbing sound indicates a more severe condition. Unfortunately, this type of problem usually does not go away on its own and needs professional adjustments made. Our team will find the root cause of the problem and propose solutions to keep your family cool and comfortable throughout the season.

Quality Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting Service


Aircon Repair

 When you often perform normal aircon servicing in Singapore, critical repairs can be avoided. The standard charging system for air conditioning repair includes parts and labour costs. However, we cannot provide the price for repairing/replacement of air conditioner parts, because the price can only be quoted after inspection by our technicians.

Aircon Troubleshooting

Problems can be prevented by conducting an air conditioning troubleshooting exercise. With over 20 years of experience in aircon maintenance services, our technicians will be able to detect any unforeseeable issues your aircon may face that would eventually need a pricey repair and provide consulting strategies. The price of each service will vary with the total number of air-conditioners installed.

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