Recommendations From The Best Aircon Installation Services in Singapore

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Table of Contents

Installing air conditioning has become one of the essential pieces of equipment in Singaporean homes and office spaces. As the comforting cool air fills your home, it is far more possible to endure the unwavering tropical climate this country offers.

Aircon Installation Service in Singapore: All You Need To Know

Despite it being essential home equipment, we won’t deny that installing an aircon unit into your home is no affordable task. And ensuring your aircon unit is installed correctly is another matter you must be wary of, as a faulty installation can lead to various long-term problems. 

EconCool has been in the aircon servicing industry for many years. We have learnt from our valuable customers that an air conditioner that has been installed and regularly serviced can improve their overall well-being while boosting productivity and minimising stress.

Factors To Consider Before Installing An Aircon

It’s no surprise that it is quite a discomfort having to work, and you are sweating buckets simultaneously. Hence, EconCool always prioritises quality aircon installation as we believe it is the essence of a long-term functioning aircon.

So if you are looking into installing an aircon unit in your home, there are a few items to bear in mind to avoid replacing the whole unit entirely later down the road, as that would only be unnecessarily costly.

Firstly, you must know that installing an aircon unit must be carried out methodically to prevent other costly affairs. It is best to reach out to an experienced local aircon installation service instead of doing it yourself, an effective long-term cost-cutting strategy.

1. Saving More with Pricier Aircon Units

Don’t believe the myth that purchasing a more costly air conditioner would cause a severe dent in your wallet. In fact, paying more for better quality aircon units means worrying less about spending more money on maintenance in the long run.

The belief that low-cost air conditioning saves money is entirely wrong. Instead, you will be paying extra expenses to resolve the frequent repair jobs needed. Using well-known brands can help you save money on your energy bill. 

2. Room Size

More often than so, a bigger room is not always for the better when it comes to the use of your aircon. To chill smaller rooms, it doesn’t need air conditioners with higher horsepower and vice versa. 

So before installing an aircon, you have to determine the square feet of your room to know which horsepower you should have for your aircon.

Fun fact! There is a simple way to determine an air-conditioner’s capacity to cool an area. All air conditioners come with a standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, which evaluates their cooling performance. 

You can determine a room’s BTU by multiplying its surface area by 35. Other variables also impact a room’s BTU. If the room faces the afternoon sunlight, you will need to add another 10% to the total figure. However, you may decrease 10% if the space does not receive much sunlight.

aircon installation btu chart in singapore

3. Noise Level Consideration

To get decent rest, you will need calming, peaceful silence (the kind found in a recording studio). Skip the window or portable air conditioners on the louder side and go for split ones. 

Consider noise as a vital element when deciding which aircon brand works for you, as some aircon creates considerable noise while operating. But there are models as low as 19 dB – quieter than a recording studio.

Air conditioners with a 50-60 dB or less noise level are always the wiser alternative. Be sure to enquire with the air conditioning company about the noise made. A noisy aircon can cause disturbance while you work and sleep. 

If your air conditioner generates much noise initially, the noise will increase after some time — leaving a more significant dent in your wallet with the numerous maintenance and repair required.

How Much Does Aircon Installation Cost In Singapore?

On average, if you want to install a system of 2 aircon units for a studio apartment, the typical range will cost you from $2500. While larger or upgraded systems such as a system 4 aircon units for a home comprising three bedrooms and one living room, the minimum aircon installation cost in Singapore is $5000.

The maintenance required relies primarily on the aircon installation, whether excellent or poor. Even if it has excellent ratings, a poorly fitted air conditioner might cost you more money later on. Before buying an air conditioner, please find out how frequently it has to be serviced and maintained. You can’t avoid some aircon maintenance and servicing, as well as aircon troubleshooting repairs, since it will result in less efficiency and more power usage. We have also shared here when you should get your aircon serviced

Which Aircon Brand is Best in Singapore?

Finding a model that nearly matches your preferences and requirements helps make your setting more comfortable. The durability aspect is vital as it permits regular replacement and maintenance. You must consider the lifespan factor of your fridge before deciding to invest in a piece of vital home equipment. If you cannot identify which one is suitable for your home or workplace, below is a list of our favourite brands after having done several aircon repair and maintenance services for over a decade:

  • York
  • Midea Aircon
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic

As the best aircon repair and servicing company in Singapore, you can also contact us. We will provide expert guidance and quickly expedite your concerns and uncertainties. We have extensive knowledge of all the best aircon brands in the market and what would be most suitable for you. After all, it is always better to familiarise yourself with various aircon brands before investing in one that won’t require multiple future repairs. Before agreeing to an aircon installation, homeowners should also note and leverage the warranty agreement.

How Long Does Aircon Installation Take

The aircon installation process varies as it vastly depends on the installation scale. Based on our experience, it takes an average of between 3 to 6 hours. If you hire a team of professionals to install your aircon in your home or workplace, it definitely will be a seamless and swifter process.


Your air conditioner should be installed and serviced by licensed professionals. If the first stage of installing an aircon is done poorly, it could lead to a multitude of costly issues. With complete transparency, EconCool provides you with comprehensive aircon installation prices to ensure a pleasant experience. If other aircon issues arise, EconCool also offers various aircon services:

In some cases, you are uncertain of the extent of the work needed or maybe you are just unsure how much a service or repair will cost. Hence, it’s always good to get a quote from an aircon service before committing to anything. On that note, getting a quote from us is easy! That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with an aircon servicing company to ensure that you’re installing the right air conditioner. Wait no longer; get in touch with us today!