How Can I Tell If My Aircon Is Leaking Gas

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how can i tell my aircon is leaking

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While everyone loves bright and breezy afternoons in Singapore, it’s difficult to imagine the hot and humid air seeping through our air-conditioned apartments or workspaces. Especially after an exhausting day, you look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep in a cooling room.

As aircon owners, you must be mindful of various specifications. For instance, did you know that air conditioning units use R22 or freon coolants?

For newer aircon models, a refrigerant called R410-A and coolants such as these are chlorofluorocarbons that pose several threats to your health. Therefore, the disposal must be carried out carefully and diligently. 

On the same note, when you realise your aircon is not cooling the room as efficiently as it used to or that your evaporator coils are covered in ice one day, there’s a very high chance your aircon gas is leaking and needs repair immediately.

There are signs you can be wary of when your aircon needs maintenance service and repair, but in this article, we will discuss and share all you need to know about aircon gas leakage and how to know you might be facing it.

All You Need To Know About Aircon Gas Leakage

Not considering when your aircon is experiencing gas leakage will lead to irreversible damage to your machine’s compressor. And eventually, it will increase the overall electricity consumption more than your monthly average usage.

Simultaneously, a faulty aircon experiencing gas leakage can also be detrimental to your health because when the coolant leaks from an aircon, it rapidly evaporates into a lethal gas which causes nausea and, in some cases, asphyxiation.

Aircon gas leakage also threatens your medical condition, including skin irritation and dryness and increased heart rate. 

That being said, Singapore’sSingapore’s homeowners and commercial property owners must be vigilant and haste when issues such as aircon gas leaking arise.

What Causes Aircon Gas Leakage?

You have to know first that it’s a common issue faced by homeowners in Singapore. Many factors cause aircon gas to leak. Here are some of them:

  1. Leaks around Control Valves

    One of the main reasons behind aircon leakage is when leaky connections around the control valves. As a form of prevention, make the valve is attached correctly and thoroughly cleaned.

  2. Faulty Schrader Valve

    Commonly reason for aircon gas leak is a malfunctioning Schrader valve whereby the seal covering it is damaged, leading to refrigerant gas problems.

  3. Corrosion

    Pitting corrosion often affects aircon units, leading them to troublesome leaks. When continuously exposed to municipal water supplies containing fluorides, detergent, and other cleaning agents containing chloride, pitting corrosion can occur whereby it attacks the coil before leaking refrigerant.

What Signs To Look Out For To Know If Your Aircon Is Leaking Gas?

Leaks can happen at any time, but fortunately, there are some common warning signs you can keep an eye out on your aircon unit and prevent harmful gas leaks from happening at all. Here’sHere’s how to know when your aircon is leaking gas:

  1. Suspicious Smell

    One of the first signs of an air-conditioning leak is a gas smell that emanates from around your AC system. If you’re ever in doubt, give your technician a call. Our technician team will be able to tell you whether it’s safe or not for you to continue using your unit. And if there are any simple fixes that you could opt for instead of forking extra on heavy repairs, EconCool will be pleased to suggest the best alternative. But don’t worry, it isn’t dangerous to keep using your air conditioner in most cases while waiting for aircon service technicians to arrive at your doorstep.

  1. Hissing Noise

    If you are a new aircon owner in Singapore and you’re worried about when is the best time to service it, you can start by listening for a leak.  If your AC starts getting louder over time, it may be a case of a gas leak. For some, a gas leak sounds like a ticking clock which can be quite a discomfort; for safety reasons, including fire hazards and exposure to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, it’s best to address the sound immediately. In extreme cases, it could lead to coma or death if there is prolonged exposure. These situations tend to occur when you use old or faulty equipment that doesn’t release enough oxygen while operating. A sign that you might need aircon repair service would be condensation on your windows or walls during hot weather conditions – particularly in areas with no direct sunlight exposure.

  1. Water Dripping 

    If your air conditioner is leaking water, that’s a sign it needs an aircon gas top up. If you see water dripping from your unit, turn off your air conditioner and call EconCool experts to rectify it immediately. 

  2. Raise Electricity Bill 

    Like tropical Singapore, your air conditioner constantly works to maintain a cooling atmosphere. If it’s gas-operated, that means it also always needs refrigerant gas. And if there’s a leak, that gas can escape into your home, raising your electricity bill. 


Aircon gas leaks are a common issue faced by homeowners and commercial property owners. If it is the case you’re facing, as an aircon owner, you must first be aware of the type of unit you own.

If it’s a window unit or one that sits outside your house, then chances are it uses R22 refrigerant, the standard for most homes. Newer units use R410A or other gases instead; these units don’t require as much maintenance as older ones but need more attention when it comes to leaks.

And hey! You may or may not be facing a gas leak issue but don’t worry, contact EconCool, and we can help you first determine what’s the issue. 

Your aircon might need normal aircon maintenance or a thorough aircon repair and troubleshooting service. Better yet, an aircon gas leak might just be a sign for you to schedule an aircon chemical cleaning service which we all provide at the best professional quality!

At EconCool, we also provide preventive maintenance services for various air-conditioning systems, including split systems and rooftop air conditioners. 

We are here to ensure your air conditioner is running at its best so that you can enjoy a comfortable environment in your home or office. Leaving 

As the best aircon servicing and repair company in Singapore, rest assured that all of your inquiries regarding our services will be met with a smile by our knowledgeable staff, who will gladly offer you free quotes upon request. Call us today!