8 Common Misconceptions About Aircon Gas Top Up

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aircon gas top up

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There are several myths about air conditioner gas topping. Some homeowners feel they must perform it yearly, while others think it is only essential when their air conditioner fails. This blog article will debunk some myths and reveal aircon gas top-up facts. 

To function well, an air con system requires refrigerant gas. The refrigerant gas is in charge of transferring heat from within a room to outside. It is contained within a closed loop within the air con machine. Due to various faults, refrigerant gas sometimes escapes from the air conditioner. 

aircon gas top up

Is an Aircon Gas Top Up Not Necessary?


It is critical to retain the proper quantity of refrigerant gas in the air con unit to guarantee that your air conditioner continues to perform efficiently.

When the level of refrigerant gas drops or there is an aircon gas leak, it must be replaced. Nonetheless, there are several myths concerning the refilling of refrigerant gas in an air conditioner. Less Aircon Gas Top Up can also be considered one of the common aircon problems that aircon owners should be aware of. 

There are several myths concerning air conditioner gas topping. Some people believe it is a costly affair, while it is incredibly inexpensive. Some feel it is only required for large enterprises or offices, although this is false. 

Here are some of the most prevalent aircon gas top-up misconceptions and the facts behind them.

8 Common Misconceptions About Aircon Gas Top Up 


#1 Aircon Gas Toppings Aren’t Required


Some people believe that the initial aircon gas will never need to be refilled because air conditioning equipment employs a closed-loop system. A closed loop system is a control system in which the output is recycled back into the system as an input to create even more work. 

It’s a continuous cycle that usually doesn’t require any outside help.

Because of the production of formic acid in the unit, part of the metal used to make your air conditioner may rust over time. This erosion creates microscopic pores that enable refrigerant gas to flow. 

If you pay attention to air con maintenance, these holes will get larger and larger until there is no coolant left to keep your house cool. At best, you’ll be stuck with an air con that blasts the same hot air you’re trying to escape from outside.

#2 Routine Maintenance omits air conditioner gas topping.


Another prevalent myth regarding aircon gas top-up is that it needs to be included in routine maintenance. This is not true! Refuelling your air conditioner is one of the most crucial components of care.

Your air conditioner may only operate correctly if regularly topped off with gas. Not only that, but you may see a rise in your energy expenses. This is because your air conditioner will have to operate more to chill your home, consuming more energy.

#3 The cost of refuelling an air con is high.


Another prevalent myth regarding air conditioning gas topping is that it is costly. Yet, it is pretty reasonable. The cost may vary depending on the size of your air conditioner and the amount of gas required, but it is usually extremely inexpensive. 

You can also save money by getting the gas topped up regularly since this will help your air conditioner last longer. An air conditioning service technician may do gas topping, or you can do it yourself if you have the necessary instruments.

#4 It does not affect lowering energy use.


This misconception is based on the question, “How can a well-maintained air conditioner save energy?” That is, what impact would a lack of adequate air conditioning care have on the amount of energy consumed? Your energy cost should remain the same after the air conditioner is turned on, regardless of whether your gas is low. Here’s when this myth goes wrong:

As your refrigerant gas is low, it takes much longer for your air conditioner to chill a space. If it used to take 30 minutes for your room temperature to drop to a comfortable level, but now it takes 2 hours, this should be a strong indicator that your energy use is excessive.

Topping up your gas can resume cooling faster, lowering your energy use. As your gas becomes low, turning it off is the only option to save energy. Nonetheless, a standard gas level should not raise alarms. Hire a competent air conditioning specialist, and you should be OK! 

Remember the following:

  • Gas leaks generate low gas levels, which are readily repaired.
  • The sooner you detect the leak and the newer the air conditioner, the easier it will be to repair.

aircon gas top up


#5 Your air conditioner can function normally without it.


Apart from the apparent fallacies, several air con gas tops myths are false. Your air conditioner could run adequately without this service.

This is not true! Regular gas topping is necessary for your air conditioner to perform effectively. Your aircon will not be able to efficiently chill your home if it does not have enough gas. It would be best to get your air conditioner filled up regularly to guarantee it is running correctly.

#6 It Is Only Available to Big Companies or Offices


One of the most prevalent misunderstandings regarding air conditioning gas topping is that it is only required for large companies or offices. But, any business or office may benefit from having their gas tanks filled off regularly. This is because the gas aids in heat transfer and might seep out over time.

A small office or business may not require gas refills as often as a giant corporation or office. But having it done regularly is still a brilliant idea to guarantee that your air conditioner is functioning well.


#7  It does not affect the overall performance


Your air conditioner will only perform optimally if the proper amount of gas is used. In reality, you will have to work harder to achieve the same goals, consuming more energy and costing you more money.

In addition, a shortage of gas might cause harm to your air conditioner. As a result, ensuring that your air conditioner has the proper quantity of gas and is regularly topped off is critical.

#8 That Is Doable Without Expert Assistance


If you have loads of free time, doing your aircon repair may sound appealing because it will cost you nothing. Yet, if done incorrectly, doing it oneself might result in an even higher expense. 

Finally, consider your safety. Leave your air conditioner to the professionals if it is in an accident-prone region. They will not only have the necessary equipment to reach these regions safely, but they will also be well-trained to deal with various potential risks.

aircon gas top up

Final Thoughts


This post has helped to dispel some of the frequent myths regarding air conditioning gas topping. As previously said, it is critical to maintain your aircon gas topped up regularly. This article has helped to debunk certain myths.

This will not only assist in keeping your air conditioner in good operating order, but this will also help you save money in the long term. We are the right fit if you require urgent aircon servicing in Singapore

Please contact EconCool immediately if you have any queries regarding aircon gas top-up or want to learn more about our air con services. We are more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in determining the best solution for your requirements.