Which Common Parts Of Your Aircon Needs Replacement?

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Technician checks on aircon parts replacement in Singapore homes

Table of Contents

If you own an air conditioner, you will have to answer some critical questions: What aircon parts need replacement and when do you need them?

Regularly maintaining your aircon system is essential to its health and lifespan, especially in a place as hot and humid as Singapore. 

Often, people conclude that air conditioning is a form of luxury. However, aircon has become necessary to survive day-to-day life in tropical countries. It enables you to remain comfortable while unaffected by the inconvenience of the hot atmosphere. 

Consequently, procrastinating and ignoring the signs of your air conditioning system needing service and maintenance might lead to detrimental and costly repairs.

As an aircon owner, you must know that some technical issues you may face do not entirely need the normal aircon servicing. But it may require aircon parts replacements; EconCool provides both types of aircon services.

Common Aircon Parts That Need Replacement

Your aircon system is divided into two halves: the low-pressure half (metering device and evaporator that allows the liquid refrigerant to absorb your home’s heat) and the high-pressure half (compressor and condenser vaporised refrigerant to expel that heat outside).

You must pay attention to these halves.

Knowing how certain aircon parts function in various situations will help it run smoothly and longer. And when you are familiar with the AC parts, you can assist or perform the maintenance.

The two pieces of smaller electrical equipment that allow your aircon system to run and operate accordingly are the Contactor as well as the Start or Run Capacitor.

Another that often fails and needs part replacements is the Fan Motor (located outside of the AC unit) or the Blower Motor.

Looking out for these aircon parts will aid in early diagnosing AC issues and further avoiding catastrophic failures.

When Your Aircon Needs Parts Replacement

Although hiring the best aircon repair company in Singapore to maintain the quality of your air conditioner is the ideal solution, you may be able to save money by doing basic upkeep tasks yourself and paying a professional to handle the more complex tasks.

Every air conditioner is a closed system. What keeps it cooling involves a transformation that pumps refrigerant through pipes running from your home’s indoor component to the outdoor AC unit before transforming the ‘state’ of the refrigerant from a vapour into a liquid, then repeat.

Knowing whether to fix or replace anything may be challenging, but if you see any of the five indicators listed below, it’s a sign that you will need to do so soon.

  • AC Service Life

An excellent air-conditioning unit has a 10- to 15-year lifetime on average. Expect your AC to wear and tear on components that may need to be replaced with new air conditioner spare parts if you have owned it longer than the average.

  • Service Period

The number of times you have contacted a professional aircon maintenance expert for regular repairs over the last two years is another sign that your A/C unit may need parts replacement. Repairing your aircon is no longer practical if the repair fees keep stacking up. Instead of constantly repairing the components, you should simply replace them with new ones.

  • Soaring Energy Costs

One of the most significant issues every home has is saving money on power expenses. The high energy consumption could be that the air conditioner isn’t working correctly due to a clogged air conditioner filter or fan. Be sure to inquire beforehand about the replacement cost with your aircon technician.

  • Subpar Performance

Despite recent repairs by HVAC specialists, your air conditioning unit isn’t producing adequate cooling in your house might be a tell-tale indicator that it’s time to hunt for air conditioning spares.

You should evaluate your aircon’s overall condition and functionality before purchasing air conditioner replacement parts from any supplier. Repairing your air conditioner will not fix the issue of inefficient cooling systems or increased power bills; thus, it is preferable to seek out reasonably priced replacement parts. 

Mind you, it is vital to choose a trusted supplier of aircon parts replacement since many providers would purposely raise the price of their products. 

At EconCool, we can assure you that without a doubt, any wear and tear issues your aircon is experiencing can be repaired and serviced accordingly. And in no time, your AC unit will be running smoothly again!

Contact us today to find out more about our aircon parts replacement