7 Major Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

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fridge servicing singapore

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It’s hard to imagine living without a refrigerator. After all, you rely on your refrigerator to keep food supplies fresh and safe from harm daily. Unfortunately, the fridge, despite being one of the most important appliances in your home, needs to be noticed.

Like any other appliance in your home, your refrigerator requires routine fridge servicing and maintenance. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognise the warning signs of a fridge desperately needing repair. Ignoring the red flags listed below may lead to your refrigerator requiring a replacement much sooner than expected.

Why Should You Be Getting a Fridge Repair 


How do you know when to buy a new refrigerator versus when a technician can repair it? Sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes it’s not so much.  You may not even realise you have a problem at first, but when you do, it will cost you a new refrigerator. Do many people still question the fact that fridges need servicing? Well, the answer is yes, of course. It is one of the essential appliances at home, and it is crucial to make sure your fridge is serviced when and when it is necessary. 

In addition, a broken fridge can raise your bills in unexpected ways. That is why it is critical to identify potential problems immediately. To save time and money, you should be aware of the following warning signs that your refrigerator is malfunctioning—and you will see why fridge servicing is essential. 

fridge servicing singapore

7 Signs Your Fridge Needs A Repair 

1. Loud Noises


If your refrigerator makes scraping, grinding, or knocking noises, it could be because the condenser or evaporator fan is obstructed. A clicking, vibrating, or buzzing sound indicates an icemaker problem. Rattling may indicate that the unit is too near to another surface, is not level, or has a loose drain pan. The compressor may fail if a humming or buzzing sound becomes increasingly loud. This is possible if you hear no noise at all.

2. Food Spoilage in a Short Period


Something is rotten, but it’s most likely the condition of the food in your refrigerator. One of the first signs that you need professional fridge servicing is an inability to keep foods fresh.

The culprit could be any of your refrigerator’s problems. For example, damaged door seals can allow warm air into your refrigerator, causing performance issues. Slow refrigerant leaks can gradually deplete your refrigerator’s capacity to maintain foods cool.

If your refrigerator is having trouble staying cool, have a professional from EconCool for fridge servicing and get it inspected. You need to pay attention to the issue to avoid wasting more energy and a lot of food.

3. Excessive Condensation


Condensation usually happens when moisture trapped in warm air cools and condenses from a vapour to a liquid. Condensation is a natural part of the refrigeration process that aids food preservation.

Failure of the door seal can aggravate your refrigerator to sweat on the inside, resulting in water pooling at the unit’s bottom. Excess condensation can also cause unsightly water puddles to form around the team.

Water leaks can also occur when large amounts of condensate overflow the drip tray and overflow onto the floor. Even a minor water spill can lead to various risks, including electrocution.

4. Frost and Ice Formation


Another warning sign is when your freezer resembles the Arctic Circle rather than a freezer when you know you need fridge servicing. 

Most advanced refrigerators have an automatic defrosting feature to prevent frost and ice buildup. However, this feature may fail in some refrigerators, and ice buildup may be drastic enough to resolve your refrigerator’s automatic preventive measures in some cases. You may need to unplug the fridge for a while to allow it to defrost properly.

fridge servicing singapore

5. The Refrigerator is Leaking


You should also contact your technician for a fridge servicing immediately if you realise water on the floor near the appliance or after moving it to clean underneath. Ice buildup on the side or back of the unit is another sign of a leak. These problems can result in water damage. Refrigerator leaks are often overlooked, so look around and under the refrigerator once or twice a year.

6. The Back of the Refrigerator is Hot


Because the motor is located in the back of the unit, it is usually warmer, but something is wrong if there is excessive heat. Refrigerator coils are insulated to prevent heat escaping, so feeling heat indicates that a technician should inspect the coils. The coils or motor can be replaced if the rest of your refrigerator is in good condition.

Book your fridge servicing with EconCool SG today to avoid electrocution from happening.

7. The Motor is Always Turned On.


Refrigerator motors cycle on and off as the temperature is adjusted. The motor should be turned on constantly if you frequently open and close the door. Running it at maximum speed all the time can burn it out and render your fridge inoperable. As a result, it is critical to consult with and inspect a professional.

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Observing one or more of the above indicators is enough reason to contact us. Our aircon technicians are well-trained and adhere to our high standards of excellence for refrigerator repair service

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