8 Signs Your Aircon Needs Maintenance Service & Repair

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Table of Contents

Why is My Aircon Making Noise?

Many air conditioner owners have the issue of noisy air conditioners. The cause might be a simple internal issue resulting from several fault components inside the system. But, regardless of who the first offender is, it is essential to get it fixed!

Don’t ignore the unusual noise of an air conditioner. You will have to pay an expensive aircon repair cost if it’s missed. In the worst-case scenario, the whole unit will need to be replaced. Instead, determining the noise source and resolving it is the best option.

Zhipeng Chen
Zhipeng Chen
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Diaz Paula
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Most Common Signs Your Aircon Needs Maintenance Service and Repair

Bagging: An air conditioning unit that makes a loud and banging sound almost always has a loose or broken part. Air conditioner compressor crankshaft: It could be that the crankshaft is on its last legs. It could also be that the connecting rod, the piston pin, or the crankshaft have gone awry.

Clanking: It can signify a loose or out-of-balance part in your air conditioner if your air conditioner likes to make a clanking noise. These parts inside the machine are likely to have broken, or the compressor has come loose. On the other hand, fan blades can get out of balance and hit places they’re not supposed to hit, which can cause it.

Clicking: When you turn your air conditioner on or off, you might hear a faint clicking sound. This might be normal, but it’s not when it keeps going all day. This noise could be caused by a thermostat that doesn’t work right. Call an aircon repair in Singapore right away if you have this problem. They can do a scheduled repair and maintenance aircon system ASAP.

Buzzing: A loud buzzing noise in an air conditioner unit can be a sign of many different things. Some of these things are loose parts, debris from inside and outside the unit, faulty fan blades, dirty filters and condenser coils, and leaks in the refrigerant. With so many different things that could be making an air conditioner buzzing noise, it’s best to leave it to an aircon repair expert to figure it out.

Squealing: Squealing noises in an air conditioner can be caused by the blower and fan being sent through the ducts. An outside fan motor that makes a screeching noise usually means something is wrong. It’s best to have an AC repair expert come over, check things out, and do the repair.

Humming: As air conditioners are used, they make a sound like a humming noise. This doesn’t mean the unit is working all the time perfectly. Sometimes it can be a loose part or a refrigerant problem that makes the humming sound. Another possibility is that the sound is coming from electricity.

Rattling: It’s essential to get your air conditioner checked as soon as possible if it starts making a rattling noise that is too loud. Because when your aircon system is beginning to wear down, and parts of it start to come loose inside the system, this is a clear sign. Sometimes, it can also be because the fans have begun to hit other parts of the room. You can look inside the unit quickly to see if any of these things are. Loosen the screws and bolts on the device and look inside to see if anything unusual is happening inside.

Screaming: A high-pitched scream or whistling from an air conditioner can only mean that there is a leak in the refrigerant. If your aircon isn’t working correctly, it can significantly impact both the machine and your family’s health. This needs to be fixed right away. It’s best to turn off the device and not use it until an air conditioning expert looks at it for any problems, then turn it back on.

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