Urgent Aircon Servicing in Singapore: All You Need To Know

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emergency aircon repair

Table of Contents

We know how stressful it can get when your aircon breaks down suddenly, and you are caught in this misery. Worry not; that is where professionals like us come in to save the day! 

Is your air conditioner not cold, leaking, or making weird noises? This might be due to excessive use, faulty components, or poor maintenance. As a result, a repair service would be required. This is partly because we live in Singapore, which has such hot weather that necessitates continual air conditioning throughout the day, whether at home, the office, a mall, or anywhere for that matter. 

Emergency Aircon Servicing Concerns and Solutions

Finding an immediate solution to your emergency aircon situation might sound impossible, but EconCool is here to break the boundaries. We take immense pride in striving to provide the best solution for our customers who need immediate aircon service or troubleshooting.

Following a check, we will prioritise restoring your comfort while trying for an effective cooling system repair. Everything will be completed in a stress-free manner with satisfactory results. 

emergency aircon repair


How Your Air Conditioner Works

Did you realise that your air conditioner and refrigerator function virtually identically? The difference is that a refrigerator helps to cool a small area, but an air conditioner cools your entire house or business.

A centralised heating and cooling system include air conditioning units. They function by sucking heated air from your home and exchanging it with cool air. Your air conditioner accomplishes this by utilising chemicals that turn gas into liquid and back to gas.

Basic Aircon Issues That Occur

We’ve done our fair share of emergency aircon repairs at Econcool. We’re frequently called when:

  • The aircon is not working.
  • Your aircon unit is making strange noises.
  • When you switch on the aircon, it vibrates.
  • Emits warm air instead of cool air.
  • The aircon unit works, but the fan does not.
  • There is water around the aircon.

However, while the faults are visible and make it easy to recognise when you need an air conditioning repair, understanding the cause of the problem is more complicated. 

urgent aircon servicing

How To Handle an Aircon Emergency? 

When your aircon stops working, you can get irritated, but the first step is not to panic. There are many ways to deal with an aircon emergency in Singapore. Just follow the steps below to avoid a panic situation for a temporary resolution. 

1. Check on the power

The first thing to do if your aircon suddenly stops working is to check the circuit breaker. Examine all the switches and sensors that regulate your aircon unit, and ensure it is correctly connected. The circuit breaker may trip automatically on extremely humid days, significantly when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. If this is the case, consider turning it off and back on. Check to see if someone has turned off the thermostat by accident.

2. Check your Aircon Filters 

The aircon should work as a cooling agent on the whole. If the air filter is clogged, the aircon will not function properly, and you might start feeling the cool air getting less from your aircon unit. The air filter is usually the first thing that could be checked to see if any persisting issues exist. Take it as advice from us to keep spare filters just in case you need them. This way, when you see that your filter is clogged, you can quickly change it, and your problem could be solved once you start feeling cool and chilly air once again. 

3. Check The Internal Parts 

This is somehow a critical step to take. You can check whether the inside components are damaged and need to be replaced; however, do not do it alone. Contact an aircon technician who can get it fixed the proper way. 

Firstly, unplug the system and check the filters, evaporator coils, and condenser. If you notice any water leakage from your air conditioner, there could be a problem with its internal system. Detecting the damage can also help you explain to the technician what you saw. It’s a win-win situation. 

4. Check for Leaks 

This requires professional attention, but you can detect some signs of a refrigerant leak. For example, there could be less cool air from the ventilation or blockage on the exterior pipes. If you notice this, mention it to your aircon technician, who will fix it accordingly. 

5. Reach Out To Professionals 

You should not attempt air conditioner repair unless you are an expert. You may be compelled to do it yourself to save money on repairs, but remember that DIY air conditioning repairs can be harmful. If you try to fix it yourself, you end up messing it up, which would result in major issues instead. If you require an emergency aircon repair, we are happy to provide you with adequate services. 

It is always a good idea to have your air conditioner examined and fixed by aircon professionals in Singapore, like Econcool, who have years of expertise in handling air conditioners. We will give you a speedy 24-hour aircon repair service with exceptional output. We fix all sorts of defects on air conditioners such as Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic, varying from leaking to cleaning and chemical cleaning

aircon servicing singapore

Final Thoughts

Suppose you require same-day aircon servicing in Singapore or need aircon repair immediately. In that case, we can arrange for a skilled and experienced technician to come to your home for an inspection and identify any issues with your air conditioner in the nick of time. For more details about our aircon services, feel free to browse through our website and reach out to us. 

Contact us now at +65 8433 4798, and we will reply within 30 minutes or below. You can also book an appointment with us beforehand if you require extensive aircon service and maintenance services.