Experts Top 3 Favourite Fridge Brands In Singapore

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Table of Contents

When you are a new homeowner in Singapore, the most important home equipment you need to make sure of is a fridge. Whether it is Hitachi, Samsung, or Bosch, getting the right quality is essential as you don’t want to find yourself needing various fridge repairs over time.

At EconCool, we often find ourselves having to deliver bad news to our customers when their refrigerator is damaged due to a lack of care and maintenance, including fridge servicing. Our customers would then resort to buying a new fridge instead which defeats the purpose of spending less.

Decide Wisely Today, Less Fridge Repair Servicing in Singapore Tomorrow

As the saying goes, quality over quantity, so when you buy high-quality fridge brands, rest assured, you will get your money’s worth. Besides, it’s a known fact after all that a new refrigerator can be a homeowner’s biggest investment.


And if you start with low quality, you are not only wasting your money on refrigerator repair services but also endangering your health as your fridge needs to work reliably so that your food and beverages can be stored at the appropriate temperature.

So what factors must you consider to keep your items fresh and safe for consumption? In this article, whether you are looking into a household or commercial fridge, we will share the top three most reliable fridge brands in Singapore. However, a good starting point is to first delve into common issues that make a fridge unreliable in order for you to keep a heads up and evaluate your options.

At EconCool, we want to help you make only the best purchases when it comes to your fridge.

Signs To Avoid Certain Fridge Brands

1. Low Build Quality and Materials

The longevity of your fridge solely depends on the build quality and materials. Pristine fridge designs will bring you only positive experiences over the long haul. When looking out for a good fridge brand that comprises high build quality and material, see to the reviews made by customers and whether they point out the fridge’s construction. Bear in mind that when a fridge is made out of stainless steel, it will be able to last you for a considerable amount of time while looking aesthetically pleasing.

2. Fridge Doors That Can’t Fit Your Space

Understandably, most homeowners in Singapore may face this issue as the overall dimension of your fridge needs to be thoroughly thought out with the restrictive shape and sizes of living spaces this country has to offer. So be sure to carefully measure your fridge and freezer capacity to ensure it can be tightly sealed when closed and the perfect fit in your kitchen.

When your fridge doors do not close tightly and nicely, you will be faced with a series of inefficiency with your home equipment as it won’t be easy to maintain adequate temperature levels with the cold air leaking and wasted.

3. Malfunction Complaints

When you are reading about reviews on a particular fridge brand, be sure to keep a lookout on the customers’ comments on whether they experienced multiple malfunctions regarding the temperature levels, cooling, ice makers and dispensers, etc since purchasing the fridge. 

4. Water Leaking Issues

Even though a common issue, it is an utmost hassle when you experience water leaking in your fridge. Some fridge models offer a water line for constant dispensing of water and ice at your convenience. However, you must take note of the potential water leaking issue. 

5. Short Period Warranty

Pay close attention to the warranty of prospective fridges. For instance, how many years does your warranty last as well as the limitations in regards to the parts and labour? Also, avoid complicated warranties and fully clarify with the store associates beforehand to prevent dealing with it when you need fridge or chest freezer repair service. What severely affects the repair cost of a fridge is when the warranty length is filled with coverage gaps —the wider it is, the more expensive the care and maintenance of your refrigerator will be. 

6. Expensive Parts Replacements

Sometimes, your air conditioner refrigerator might need parts replacement where it is not covered under your warranty. We hope that day never comes for our customers, so we advise all to look into the price for replacement parts and repair costs for that particular brand should something go in the wrong direction.

7. Bad Customer Service

When you are paying for something that is on the pricier end, it’s only customary you ensure you receive good customer service in return. So when scouting online, check what customer reports have to say about the brands’ customer service as you do not want to find yourself in a pickle with support staff who are not swift, helpful or knowledgeable in the purchased product, leading to stress and delays in critical situations.

Reliable Fridge Brands You Should Consider

Some if not all company that manufactures refrigerators is 100% reliable or otherwise. Based on the findings by Consumer Reports, relays how brand reliability will vary based on its configuration. As an example, if a Samsung top-freezer earns a 5-star rating for predicted reliability, but Samsung French doors received only a 3-star rating, you should then opt for the Samsung top-freezer as it’s the better choice!


But now that we have covered most factors to look out for when viewing and selecting prospective refrigerators, let’s deep dive into a list of reliable fridge brands you can consider purchasing for your home in Singapore as we have experienced a range of fridge brands and have personally found a few favourites of our own too!

1. Samsung Fridge

Known for its efficient fixtures, the Samsung fridge is a popular choice in Singapore among homeowners for its extra fridge space provided, energy-saving and smart sensors technology, faster air cooling and ice-making, as well as long-lasting moist fresh zones. 

For example, the Samsung RB-33 J3420SS is an aesthetically pleasing silver two-door refrigerator with a large usable volume and built with a No Frost system, super freeze, super cool, and leave options. This incredible Samsung fridge also has an indication of modes and set temperature. The inverter compressor’s power can freeze up to 12 kgs of fresh produce each day. Moreover, the freezer is equipped with three functional pull-out baskets of various sizes. 

At EconCool, we are skilled in Samsung fridge repairs so if and when you may face issues with your Samsung fridge, you can contact us right away!

2. Hitachi Fridge

Hitachi home appliance, especially refrigerators, is a well known Japanese brand that produces supreme quality products with consistent improvements in technology. Similarly, Hitachi is also famous for air conditioners if you are in the market for a good one! The name ‘Hitachi’ means sunrise, which perfectly signifies the land of the rising Sun (aka Japan). Products made in Japan are famous for their exceptional build quality and advanced technology. All Hitachi refrigerators are built around the theme of innovation and the development of energy-efficient appliances. Today, you can find a range of Hitachi refrigerators that utilise advanced scientific designs to manufacture refrigerators that focuses heavily on the prevention of amino acids loss and other essential vitamins in the food. 

Our fridge repair and maintenance also caters to the Hitachi brand. So fret not; your worries are our utmost concerns! At EconCool, we also cover household and commercial fridge repairs in Singapore.

3. Bosch Fridge

Another favourable option of ours is a Bosch fridge. Unlike a standard fridge, Bosch has applied innovative methods to its food preservation system, keeping all your food fresher than ever before including holding onto its texture, flavour profiles and nutrient count. Bosch’s fridge is exemplary in its cooling system that leads to optimal results in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments. For example, this German multinational engineering and technology company has designed areas for a fridge to hold various dishes or produce while retaining its moisture and freshness. The infamous FarmFresh system was designed from the bottom up to further help keep your food fresh longer as well as limit food waste and trips to the grocery store. To date, no other manufacturers offer dual compressors and dual evaporators in a freestanding refrigerator, unlike Bosch.

If you are on a hunt for a one-of-a-kind fridge then the Bosch fridge is for you! And don’t worry, if you require Bosch fridge repairs anywhere in Singapore, EconCool can assist you right away. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our services or better yet, make an appointment right away!