Best 5 Tips For Refrigerator Maintenance

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importance of regular fridge maintenance service

Table of Contents

There are two possible reasons why you’re reading this: 

Firstly, you just bought an expensive refrigerator, and you’re worried you might ruin it sooner rather than later. So now you want to ensure you know everything you need about the maintenance of your fridge without further breaking the bank. Secondly, you have noticed the slight poor performance of your fridge, and you remember how the store salesperson had once reminded you to maintain it regularly but you’ve forgotten to do so. 

Well, if its either of these possible reasons, EconCool is here to ease your worries and tell you it’s not too late! We’re here to help.

In this article, we will outline five easy tips for you to get started on maintaining your refrigerator.

How To Care and Maintain Your Refrigerator Regularly

Your refrigerator is highly encouraged to undergo routine servicing and maintenance to maintain a smooth performance and prolong its life. After all, it is the most essential and hardworking equipment in your home as it is used daily, runs 24/7 — storing and keeping your produce fresh for longer.

Before you do any care and maintenance for your fridge, you must always remember to turn the power off at the main before disconnecting the plug from the socket.

Once that is done, you can go through the checklist below to help you through this clean-up. And if the going gets tough, you can quickly contact EconCool to assist you.

We have experienced technicians who can perform professional chest freezer maintenance and various other fridge servicing for brands such as Hitachi, Samsung, Bosch, etc. Also to highlight, EconCool also offers thorough domestic and commercial fridge repairs in Singapore, so if you realise your refrigerator requires more than just normal maintenance, we can easily switch it up and accommodate your needs.

1. Compressor Coils Must Be Cleaned Every Six Months

Your compressor coil can be found at the bottom or back of the fridge. Note that it can get quite greasy, grimy and dusty, so be prepared to get down and dirty (literally). But of course, be sure to switch off the fridge, and you can also use a vacuum cleaner if it’s accessible to remove any excess dust. A damp cloth can also come in handy to wipe it sparkly clean!

2. Extra Care For Your Fridge Door’s Rubber Seals

 When your door’s rubber seal is glued to the frame of your fridge, there’s a dangerous build-up level of grime. Excessive force is needed to open your fridge’s door, leading to a higher risk of tearing. 

Did you know that when your door is not sealed correctly, you also risk a higher electricity bill? To avoid this headache, dip a towel in warm water and wipe away any sticky debris before using another towel to wipe it dry.

Avoid cleaning with chemicals such as the kitchen spray you can find in grocery stores. These harsh chemical cleaning agents can harm the fridge’s door rubber. Once you’ve cleaned it, you can test the strength of the seal. You can test the grip by placing a piece of paper when you shut the door. If it doesn’t grip the paper, you might have to start considering replacing the seal.

3. Replace Your Fridge’s Water Filter Every Three To Six Months 

If your fridge has a water filter system, you must adhere to your manufacturer’s instructions. Before you get overwhelmed, replacing your water filter is very simple. You’re protecting both yourself and your loved ones from further harmful contaminations.

4. Monitor And Check Your Fridge’s Temperature

 The average fridge temperature falls between 2.8°C and 4.4°C; it should never be more than 5°C. As for your freezers, the temperature should be around -18°C.

5. Regularly Deep Clean Your Fridge Freezer 

The care and maintenance of your refrigerator are vital to prolong your fridge’s life and keep it running smoothly always. So be sure to schedule a monthly deep clean of your fridge, chest freezers and more on the weekend, and rearrange the items inside so that the cool air can flow easily inside.

Just a bonus tip: If your apartment building or home is experiencing a power cut, keep the fridge doors closed so they can retain the fridge’s low temperature. And before switching it on again once the power returns, check if your food has not started to defrost. If it has, wipe any leaks and throw out spoilt ones.


We hope these tips for maintaining your refrigerators and freezers are helpful! We understand that sometimes you may have a lot on your plate; juggling a full-time job and family is no easy feat. And despite following these easy measures, your fridge is still faulty. But fret not, you can contact EconCool for any fridge maintenance service, and we will be more than happy to ease your burdens and inspect the issue thoroughly before fixing it.