How is Aircon Servicing Priced in Singapore? (2022)

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Air conditioners have become an essential household and office appliances. An air conditioner can quickly chill the environment and eliminate moisture. The air conditioners take in a lot of outdoor damage while providing comfort. Hence air conditioner service is required for best functioning. 

When we speak about aircon servicing, people often start thinking about the best aircon cleaning servicing technicians and the price charged for each service. Their main worry is aircon services are usually overpriced, so the hunt for cheap aircon servicing in Singapore begins. 

Fret not; in this article, we outline the pricing for aircon services, including aircon normal servicing maintenance and aircon chemical cleaning, and why it’s priced that way.

Aircon Servicing Cost Guide in Singapore

Air conditioners are costly household appliances that require regular maintenance. Frequent usage of air conditioners wears out the system, reducing its operating lifespan if left uncontrolled. Regular normal servicing is thus the secret to increasing the lifespan of air conditioners. 

These days, air conditioners have additional features and functions like anti-dust filters and auto-adjust temperature options. However, like any other equipment, air conditioners require routine maintenance and the best aircon servicing to work well. 

Factors That Affect Aircon Services Pricing

These are the common factors that influence your air conditioning costs that you must take into account. 

  • Number of Units: The more air conditioning units serviced, the more expensive they will be.
  • Servicing type: Extra work and services such as chemical wash, the higher the cost.
  • Type of Air Conditioner: Air conditioner service is often charged based on the number of coils, which may impact your cost. 
  • Timing: If the service is an emergency and you need it immediately, it would cost you slightly more. 

Aircon Maintenance Service Pricing

If you are concerned about the aircon servicing price in Singapore, do not worry. Most aircon service companies in Singapore provide low-cost maintenance checks. This cheap aircon servicing in Singapore includes air cleaning and air filter replacements. You can expect to pay between $40 and $50 for general aircon service.

These checks are worthwhile since they pay for themselves through increased efficiency and a longer-lasting unit. Having your aircon unit examined by a registered technician annually saves your monthly power bill up to 15%. However, if you do not have it serviced, you may need to replace your air conditioner, which will cost you more! 

Even if you are hiring aircon professionals or technicians to service your aircon, the first step should be a check of the exterior and inner sections of the unit. This is significant since it gives the technician a gist of what needs fixing. Furthermore, it helps to identify any aircon parts that must be repaired or replaced. 

EconCool aircon maintenance including normal servicing pricing in Singapore is as follows: 

Wall Unit price range: From $40

Cassette Unit price range: From $50

You might be thinking now whether it’s necessary to spend that much money on aircon servicing. Well, if you do, rest assured, you will have fewer expensive worries in the future.

Why It’s Important To Service Your Aircon? 

It is important to check your air conditioners frequently if you want to extend their lifespan. There are several advantages:

  1. Well-maintained air conditioners perform ideally and cool faster while using less energy.
  2. If air conditioners are not serviced on a regular basis, they lose efficiency, especially in hot weather countries like Singapore.
  3. Prevent any major issues and help the system function properly.
  4. Maintain efficiency. If not serviced, your air conditioner will eventually take more energy to perform correctly.
  5. You can keep its performance and electricity costs low by maintaining it regularly.

We have also elaborated on why it is critical to maintaining your air conditioner for you to educate yourself further. Now let’s discuss how frequently you should do it. 


How Frequent Should We Service Air Conditioners?

Skipping service is a bad idea. Your aircon may operate for hours on end, eliminating dust and circulating a large volume of air. This dust collects on the components of your air conditioner. Thus it needs servicing. 

Heating and cooling pros advise that even if you have no reason to think that your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, you should get it serviced and examined at least once every three months. This will ensure that the aircon works smoothly. 

As the air conditioner runs, dirt and grime collect in vital locations such as the air filters and condensing coils. This might have a negative impact on its efficiency. For the humid weather we are experiencing, we bet aircon cleaning in Singapore is a must! 

At EconCool, we also offer thorough aircon cleaning services if you feel it requires extra TLC especially after having it turned on for a considerable amount of time each year.


Chemical Cleaning for Air Conditioners

Aircon chemical cleaning is the process of using chemicals to clean the interior components of an air conditioner. The internal aircon parts, including the filters, and condenser, are disassembled and immersed in a chemical solution. 

This helps mainly in removing any dirt particles and corrosive acids from damaging the inside of the components.

Aircon chemical cleaning is essential, and thus it is one of the best ways to get your aircon serviced. 

Yes. A chemical wash for air conditioning is required to keep it running at peak performance, especially if you have a problem with air conditioning that isn’t cold or leaking water. Without the use of chemicals, regular air conditioning cleaning may not be able to clean your unit thoroughly. Your air conditioner may not receive the thorough cleaning required, resulting in the same old issues.

We understand that doing so would incur additional costs, but it is vital. To keep the system in excellent working order, you should do aircon chemical cleaning at least once a year.

Chemical cleaning not only fixes your air conditioning problem but also has other benefits. Chemical cleansing can purify the air, save energy, and help your air conditioner last longer.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Pricing

Sometimes dirt and dust tend to clog up the inside components of the aircon. When this occurs, a chemical wash would be ideal for eliminating all the sediments stuck in the air con system. Technicians will usually suggest having a chemical wash at least once a year to prevent clogging of any type. 

The pricing for a chemical wash would range from $85-$180SGD, depending on whether it is a dismantled chemical wash or not. 

If you are keen to book an appointment for EconCool’s aircon services, you can find out more about our aircon service prices as we offer considerable pricing for various aircon maintenance, repair work and so much more!


The air conditioner is vital household equipment; the surroundings can become unpleasant and sometimes unbearable without it. If these systems fail to function effectively, you may experience problems at home or the office. Regular service will keep them well. You can foresee when your system will require assistance by carefully inspecting it.

Servicing also detects and resolves issues before they worsen. Save this article for future reference! If you require expert air conditioning services, don’t hesitate to contact us; we will provide you with the best services. EconCool is a reputable air conditioning service provider in Singapore. Our professionals provide the best air con servicing solutions you require at any time. You can also book an appointment with us!