5 Reasons You Need Aircon Chemical Overhaul Cleaning Service

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Common Aircon Problems in singapore

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Due to technological advancements, air conditioners have become essential equipment that makes a home in Singapore more comfortable. 

For most, it’s safe to say that aircon maintenance has also become a long-term financial commitment which is why cheap aircon services can help both you and your unit run at their best. 

If you haven’t maintained your air conditioner in a while, it’s time for an aircon chemical overhaul. 

This solution removes the air conditioner from dirt, stains, and dust particles collected and cleans the drainage tray, blower wheel, and pipes. 

A procedure that requires a great deal of attention, chemical overhaul cleaning may extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. 

First and foremost, carrying out an aircon chemical overhaul involves the removal of the air conditioner from the wall so that technicians may thoroughly clean each part. 

Then chemicals are used to thoroughly clean the air conditioner’s filters and guarantee the release of fresh, clean air from the unit. 

5 Reasons You Need Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service

  • Save money

It’s an undeniable reality that chemical upgrading has a significant impact on lowering your utility expenses. Regular chemical overhauls can help prevent the air conditioner from working too hard, the primary cause of skyrocketing electricity expenses. In addition, this makes your air conditioner run like a new one every day, which extends its lifespan. Replace and repair parts are seldom needed in chemical overhauling, saving you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on air conditioning service contracts and maintenance services performed by specialists.

  • Better solution than aircon chemical cleaning

For mould-free and clean air, chemical cleaning is the way to go. With an aircon chemical overhaul, our technicians will promptly replace worn-out components so you can enjoy an endless burst of new air. 

The aircon chemical overhaul will go much deeper than the chemical wash, allowing your unit to flow and function at its best. While chemical cleaning is important, so is a thorough overhaul if you want to extend the time your air conditioner can serve you.

  • Maintaining long-term sturdiness

When you perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner, your AC will always run at peak performance for an extended period, worrying less about damages daily. But be sure not to forget to follow up with your air conditioner repair company to arrange for them to visit and inspect your device from time to time.

  • Better Air Quality

If you are unsure whether your air-cleaning system is doing its job, open the front panel and inspect the filter. You will see a lot of dust in the filter unless it’s new or just cleaned. Dust collects over time, making your filter less efficient at cleaning the air it filters. 

A proper functioning filter will occur when the device is serviced regularly. As a result, interior deficits created by dust and debris are reduced, but the air within the building is also cleaner.

  • Keep your warranty valid

If you didn’t already know, every new air conditioner comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The compressor is covered for years after the system is installed for most warranties, despite minor differences in tiny text. 

This prevents the possibility of a broken or malfunctioning component causing the system to crash. Most warranties require you to get a professional tune-up every year to maintain the coverage. If you miss a year of free warranty coverage, you might lose it. The manufacturer solely covers systems that have been adequately cared for by the homeowner. Asserting warranty coverage might save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, so do everything you can to keep it!


Executing an aircon chemical overhaul maintenance on your air conditioning system has several positives. While cleaning your air conditioner yourself may seem appealing, it’s not always the best option. 

But EconCool is here to convince you that you should hesitate and hire a professional aircon overhaul service. We have deep knowledge in a wide range of services, including air conditioning repair and troubleshooting, gas top-up, component replacement, and air conditioning installation. 

You wouldn’t want to end up with a strained cooling device. Consequently, we strongly urge that you get your air conditioner’s chemical overhaul as soon as possible. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about cheap air conditioning services, including aircon maintenancerepair and troubleshootingaircon installationparts replacement and more.