Here’s Why Your Refrigerator Needs Care & Maintenance

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Table of Contents

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Fridge On A Regular Basis

Technology has improved the quality of our lives, as shown by the fact that 70% of the furnishings in a home or office environment comprises so-called “high-tech items.” This includes all of our home appliances, particularly our refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps our food cool and serves as a storage facility for our favourite beverages and holiday feasts. As a result, when it falls, we are thrown into commotion.

Did you know that when you repair and service your refrigerators regularly, it can help prevent those expensive and inconvenient problems?

There are several reasons why you should regularly perform care and maintenance for your refrigerators.

First, it helps save money. Consider the consequences of a broken refrigerator: you may lose hundreds of dollars worth of food. If damage is severe, you will be required to purchase a new refrigerator. These are the following unneeded charges, and they are not worthwhile if the consumption is caused by a failure to provide proper maintenance.

On the other hand, keeping your refrigerator in proper working order might make you feel less stressed and worried. Regular care and maintenance refrigerators enable you to identify and prevent issues before they begin or become irreparable.

When you experience an unexpected breakdown, you won’t have to waste time looking for the right fridge repairman. We all know that finding the right repairman may be a time-consuming task.

You must approach each person to choose a skilled and reasonably priced fridge repairer in Singapore. If your refrigerator fails unexpectedly, you should contact our professional fridge repair team in Singapore. We can ensure that our service and pricing meet your expectations. You may reach us at +65 8433 4798, our customer care hotline.

By extending the life of your fridge, you may save a significant amount of money in the long term. Appliances are expensive, so it is not worth replacing them with new equipment. Instead, arrange a routine maintenance check on your refrigerator right away.

Signs That Your Fridge Needs Repair

Whether it is for a household or commercial fridge repair, there are several warning signals that one should pay attention to. Below are signs when your Samsung, Hitachi, or Boscho fridge needs repair that might help you to address it:

1. Condensation

This is usually a sign that your refrigerator’s cooling system is not functioning correctly. If you see condensation forming in or around the refrigerator, you should book fridge maintenance as soon as possible to avoid food spoiling.

2. Motor Overheating

An overheated motor means that the fridge is working harder than it should, which may result in hundreds of dollars in missed power expenses over the long term.

3. Spoiled Food

Food that has spoiled beyond its expiry date is referred to as perishable food. This is a good indication that your fridge is failing to maintain the constant temperature required to keep food fresh for long periods of time. So, let’s care and maintains your refrigerator now, to reduce the waste.

4. Freezing Refrigerators

Yes, it is OK to place a little ice on the fridge walls, but if there are more ice cubes than there is space for food, your refrigerator is most likely malfunctioning.

5. Freezers That Won't Freeze

After all, having a fridge is the whole purpose of having one. The fact that your food isn’t freezing shows that not only do you have excess freezer space, but that there is also an issue with your appliance cooling system that needs fixing.

6. Colder In Certain Areas In Your Fridge

For example, the top shelf of the refrigerator may be frozen, while the bottom level may be warm, and vice versa. There are a variety of reasons why this might occur, and it is necessary to contact a refrigerator repair service.

Simple Tips For Refrigerator Care and Maintenance

1. Quickly Close Your Fridge Doors


Closing your fridge doors quickly is often overlooked, as easy as this tip may sound. If your fridge doors are kept open for a long while, your fridge may lose its ambience over time. In return, your refrigerator may have to work extra harder to regain its cool temperature, leading to higher energy consumption and electricity bills.

As a tip, think beforehand about what you may need from the fridge and retrieve it in one go. Once removing or storing the item, be sure to close your fridge doors quickly.

2. Make Sure The Fridge's Door Seal (Gasket) Is In Sturdy

EconCool technician repair and service fridge

On a similar note, as quickly as you close your refrigerator’s door, you must also occasionally check the door’s gasket condition. It must not deteriorate (cracked or hardened) nor leak any cold air, especially when the door is tightly closed. If cold air can escape, this can also lead to higher power consumption. Poor care and maintenance of refrigerators can lead to this wear and tear. Therefore, as a fridge-freezer owner, you must conduct routine maintenance and check the condition of your refrigerator’s door gasket. 

One way to conduct this is by placing a coin between the door and the compartment before closing it so that half of the coin is inside your fridge while the other half remains visible to you. The tip is that if your coin can maintain its position without slipping away, you have nothing to worry about your door seal. If it does, contact EconCool for a fridge repair service to fix it in no time!

3. Organise The Items In Your Fridge Properly


It is easy to get lost in your refrigerator and freezer when you don’t take the time to have a system or organisation for it. When you cover the items inside your fridge and arrange them properly, it helps to minimise the moisture that easily surfaces in the refrigerator and prevent unappealing odours from migrating throughout the compartment. Keep and seal your food and other produce tightly in glass or plastic containers. When you arrange all of your items in your fridge accordingly, it can help you store and remove them faster, preventing your fridge doors from being left open longer.

4. Always Check The Correct Temperature Is Set


You need to set and maintain the correct temperature for the best cooling experience your fridge and freezer can go through.

Based on EconCool’s decade’s worth of experience dealing with various fridge brands, including Bosch, Samsung, and Hitachi, to name a few; we discovered the recommended refrigerator temperature is best set at 4°C, and the freezer’s temperature should be below 0°C, especially if storing raw meats. You do not want to find yourself having to defrost your fridge on a monthly basis. 

If your system does not have a proper number-based system, it is most likely to use a scale-based system to set the temperature. If so, it’s best to set and keep the scale to its medium or normal level for an optimal experience.

5. Regularly Clean Your Refrigerator


Most of a refrigerator’s care and maintenance revolves around keeping it exceptionally clean and organised. Let’s be honest here; nobody likes to return home after a long day’s work to a messy and dirty fridge, right? You would find yourself ordering food instead of cooking a nice healthy home-cooked meal, necessarily spending more. So one way to (figuratively) kills two birds with one stone is simply to clean the inside and outside of your fridge using a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent. Regularly cleaning your fridge and its door seal can indirectly save you and others from eye sores and funny-smelling odours!


When it comes to fridge repair in Singapore EconCool is the company to call. If you are experiencing problems with your refrigerator, we can help! No matter what the issue is, our knowledgeable specialists will swiftly detect it and give you the finest, most cost-effective solution for your repair requirements. Please contact us to arrange a service or know more about our services.