Important Tips To Avoid Frequent Fridge Breakdowns

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Table of Contents

Do you want to understand how to care for a refrigerator and why you should? Because it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your refrigerator is most likely the most hardworking equipment in your home. It keeps vegetables, fruits, dairy products, chocolates, liquids, water, leftovers, and other items safe. 

A few hours of power outage or breakdown might result in spoiled fruits and milk. Therefore, no one wants their refrigerator to break down during the hot season. As a result, maintaining the fridge in good working order is in everyone’s best interests.

A broken refrigerator may deteriorate all perishable products in other months and during the hot Singapore weather when you need them the most. But basic refrigerator maintenance ideas and procedures can help you extend the life of your refrigerator. Let’s see what you can do to avoid a sudden malfunction before fridge servicing.

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9 Tips To Avoid for Fridge Breakdown

1. Cleaning The Refrigerator

Refrigerator coils are the home appliance’s most susceptible component. Maintaining pristine will undoubtedly eliminate the need for more than 70% of fridge repair service visits. If you follow this procedure, you will not need to contact a repair professional.

If you regularly do the required maintenance activities, you can expect your refrigerator to last for many years. 

2. Inspect the refrigerator door seal (Gasket)

The door’s gasket might degrade (be cracked, toughened, or deformed) and leak cold air even when closed, resulting in greater energy use. This might happen over time or as a result of poor fridge maintenance. As a result, you should inspect the door’s gasket regularly.

3. Keep The Fridge Doors Shut.

It’s clear, yet people forget it from time to time. Leaving the door open causes the fridge’s ambient temperature on the cooler end to drop. The refrigerator must work harder to restore the cold temperature, raising the electricity cost and power use. When you are finished removing or putting items in the fridge, close the doors.

4. Always Use The Proper Temperature for Effective Cooling.

Most refrigerators include temperature control, and setting and maintaining the proper temperature for efficient cooling is critical.

The refrigerator temperature should be set at four °C, and the freezer temperature should be below 0°C (preferably, -18°C or -19°C for keeping meat).

If your refrigerator has no correct number-based temperature-setting mechanism, it most likely has a scale-based one. In that situation, keeping the scale at its medium or regular setting is best. 

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5. Carefully Arrange and Cover Items In The Refrigerator

You should cover and organise the goods inside the refrigerator. Try to keep food and other items in plastic containers with tightly fitting lids. This reduces moisture within the fridge and prevents odours from moving across the compartment, producing an unpleasant odour. 

Correctly organising products in the fridge will allow you to store and remove them more quickly, so you won’t have to leave the door open for as long.

6. Never Misuse Dangerous Things.


Sharp items, such as knives, can cause inside damage and possibly gas leaks, which can be costly. Leaking refrigerant is a severe issue. You may avoid this by being vigilant and cautious. 

If anything becomes trapped in the refrigerator, which happens most of the time when the freezer temperature is too low, you can pull it out by turning off the fridge for a few minutes.

7. Avoid Obstructing The Vents 

There should be enough space between the refrigerator’s vents and the items placed within. This allows cold air to travel freely. Any obstruction to the ducts produces an inefficient climate within the fridge, causing it to work more to keep items chilled.

8. Keep The Refrigerator Away From The Walls.

Place the refrigerator away from the walls. Be sure there is at least one some space between your fridge and the wall, no matter where you install it. This space prevents the refrigerator from discharging heat created during refrigeration, allowing the device to operate more efficiently.

9. Call For Repair / Service.

Refrigerators are sophisticated household equipment that works around the clock to keep your food safe. While a household appliance serves you around the clock, you should demonstrate compassion by performing fridge maintenance as needed. 

Per routine refrigerator maintenance procedures, you should have your refrigerator serviced by skilled technicians every six months. Knowing and identifying the significant signs that your refrigerator needs repair is essential. 

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Schedule Fridge Repair and Maintenance 

If you want to keep using a refrigerator for a more extended time, you must inspect it regularly and perform repairs while the issues are still minor. Unless you have the experience and instruments to do complete maintenance and fridge repair services, it is preferable to engage a professional.

You can always reach out to us at EconCool for fridge repair services, and our expert technicians will be there at your service to help you! 

We specialise in refrigerators and service, including chest freezer maintenance and air conditioner repair. Because we use cutting-edge techniques and approaches, our services are dependable and successful. Regarding fridge care and maintenance, we fix Samsung, Hitachi, Bosch, and other home and commercial fridge brands in Singapore.