What Does a General Aircon Servicing Include?

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aircon servicing singapore

Table of Contents

Air conditioners are necessary gadgets and a necessary component of life. They are often used for 12 to 14 hours a day. In Singapore’s tropical climate, air conditioners face a severe environment of heat, humidity, dust, and high usage hours. Proper air conditioning servicing and maintenance are required to keep the air conditioner running properly and efficiently.

Aircon servicing includes a general inspection of the components to find flaws or malfunctions. During regular maintenance, aircon parts and filters are cleaned.

Aircon Servicing and Maintenance

When it comes to aircon servicing and repairs, you should only put off getting them once your system breaks down. We recommend that you have your aircon systems to be serviced on a regular basis. 

This will guarantee that your air conditioner is constantly functioning at peak efficiency, enhancing efficiency while lowering operating expenses. That is why it is essential to identify common aircon problems to ensure you won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

To understand why air conditioner maintenance is critical, we’ll go through exactly what’s included in an air conditioner service when you work with our experts.

aircon servicing singapore

Why Is Aircon Servicing So Important?

If you’re wondering whether your house or company requires air conditioning service, the answer is YES!

Air conditioning systems should be maintained regularly, as well as if there are indicators of a problem. Here are some reasons why Aircon servicing is essential. 

1. Best Performance: 

Regular aircon maintenance ensures that your air conditioning system performs at peak efficiency. Cleaning and maintaining critical components like filters, coils, and fans improves airflow and heat exchange, enabling the system to more efficiently and effectively cool the room.

2. Energy Conservation: 

A well-maintained aircon system usually takes up less energy to offer the needed cooling. 

3. Extended Lifespan: 

Regular maintenance extends the life of your air conditioner. This can help to avoid costly repairs or replacements due to early failures.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality: 

Air conditioning systems are critical in preserving interior air quality. Cleaning or changing filters regularly aids in the removal of impurities and provides cleaner, healthier indoor air.

5. Avoiding Expensive Repairs: 

Servicing enables specialists to discover and solve minor faults before they become severe concerns. Routine inspections and maintenance can aid in the detection of any flaws, leaks, or malfunctions.

6. Warranty Observance: 

By arranging frequent service, you guarantee that you satisfy the manufacturer’s standards and keep your warranty valid.

7. Improved Comfort: 

A well-running air conditioner provides continuous cooling and temperature control, creating a more comfortable home atmosphere. 

8. Safety: 

Faulty or poorly maintained air conditioning systems, such as electrical difficulties or refrigerant leakage, can constitute a safety danger. Inspections of electrical components, refrigerant levels, and general system performance are all part of the servicing process, which reduces the likelihood of safety problems.

In short, aircon servicing is critical for maximum performance, energy efficiency, extended lifespan, enhanced air quality in the house, lower expenses, warranty compliance, increased comfort, and safety. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and plan regular maintenance to keep the air conditioner in good working order.

aircon servicing singapore

What Is Involved in General Aircon Servicing?

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioner regularly assures peak performance and dependability. A well-maintained air conditioner performs more effectively, extends the unit’s life, and saves time and money. 

Aircon servicing primarily includes designing, delivering, installing, and maintaining air conditioning systems in both commercial and residential settings. Your air conditioner must be in excellent operating order to avoid health risks, keep the air clean, and avoid serious malfunctions. However, it is best to use a reputable Aircon service provider like EconCool to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

The Aircon Servicing Checklist

1. Cleanliness:

Every hour, the air conditioner pushes a vast amount of air. Dust, moisture, and other particles choke crucial air conditioning components.

a) Evaporator – The evaporator coil is cleaned with warm water during an air conditioning service. If the air conditioner stinks, mold may be growing around the coil. To remove bacteria and mold development, chemical treatments are utilized. 

b) Condenser – The external device, also known as the compressor. Its coil transfers heat with the surrounding environment. The coil might get clogged, rendering the device inoperable. A clean aircon condenser coil is so essential indeed, 

c) Filters – During service, your air conditioner’s filters are removed and cleaned. These filters are updated regularly if necessary.

d) Drain pan and pipe – The drain pipe is flushed to remove any debris or dirt that has become lodged. 

2. Inspection & Checking:

While air conditioning cleaning is essential to maintain the unit operational, further checks are required to make sure the machine is in proper working condirtion. Professional air conditioning service technicians have a sharp eye and may discover problems just by looking.

a) Refrigerant pressure – If your system’s refrigerant pressure drops during service, you may need to have it “recharged.” Pumping refrigerant into the system until the desired pressure is achieved.

b) Leaks – The condenser coil, compressor, pipe, and evaporator are all part of a closed system that contains pressurized refrigerant. Even a little leak might allow refrigerant to escape. The specialists inspect this closed-loop system for leakage.

b) Power consumption test – Measuring power consumption is a preventative measure to avoid compressor failure. 

d) Check the cooling rate and temperature – Following servicing, technicians often check the unit’s temperature, flow, and cooling rate. 

e) Visual Inspection: There are visual cues to be aware of. If the outside unit rattles, there might be an alignment problem or a defective compressor. 

How long does it take to service an air conditioner? 

Regular aircon servicing and maintenance from our crew usually take 30-90 minutes. Extra problems uncovered during our examination and anything that obstructs our access to your system might affect service time.

aircon servicing singapore

Final Thoughts 

To summarise, good air conditioning service is critical for preventing malfunctions and ensuring the best functioning of your air conditioning system. You may avoid possible problems and enjoy various benefits by following a regular aircon maintenance program and hiring experienced specialists.

Proper air conditioning service enhances your unit’s overall performance and energy efficiency, resulting in lower power costs and a smaller environmental imprint. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for service also helps to keep your guarantee valid, giving you further peace of mind.

You can minimize malfunctions, optimize performance, and enjoy the full advantages of your air conditioning system for years by prioritizing aircon service and employing reliable specialists like EconCool. Contact us now or book an appointment online!