How Many Hours Should The Aircon Run Per Day?

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Your air conditioner is a necessary household item, especially during summer. Many house owners, however, are concerned about “How many hours should the aircon run daily?”

The reality is that your air conditioner may be “on” for extended periods. The AC unit must run continually to maintain your house or business at a comfortable temperature during the day and night. It is usual for an air conditioner to run for hours.

There is, however, a distinction to be made between having your air conditioner running all day and letting the compressor run all day. When the temperature in your location reaches the appropriate level, your air conditioning system or compressor should turn off immediately.

What Happens If The Aircon Runs for 24 Hours?


If your air conditioning system cycles excessively frequently or for abnormally long periods, it may indicate that it needs to be repaired.

If you’re suffering shortages or problems with your air conditioner, contact our team of experts right now! Econcool provides professional aircon repair services in Singapore to guarantee that your air conditioner works correctly. 


What Influences the Aircon’s Running Hours?

Several factors influence how long your air conditioner operates each day, including:

  • The temperature of the outside air
  • The temperature your thermostat is set at The size of your air conditioner
  • What kind of air conditioner do you have?
  • The amount of sealing in your house, as well as other factors affecting its energy efficiency

An appropriately sized single-stage (one-speed) air conditioner will operate in 15 to 20-minute cycles throughout the day, one to two every hour, and occasionally three, depending on how hot it is outdoors.

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Run?

Your air conditioner should operate for 15-20 minutes with moderate ambient temperatures. The AC unit should complete a cooling cycle two to three times each hour (as necessary).

AC units are designed to run constantly. Air conditioners are technically reasonably durable. The fundamental component of the AC, the air compressor, is a device that can function continuously and without fail.

Of course, the longevity and dependability of air compressors used in various air conditioners vary.

1. The Type of Air Conditioner

There are three air conditioners: central air conditioning, window air conditioning, and portable air conditioning. The type of air conditioner determines the number of hours you should operate an air conditioner each day.

2. Air Conditioner Dimensions

The bigger the air conditioner, the more energy it will consume. An oversized AC unit may use up to 1000W. To determine how long your aircon unit should operate, first determine how many square feet you are cooling with your item. Knowing this information enables you to choose the appropriate size for your house or company.

An air conditioning system that runs for an hour consumes almost twice as much energy as one that constantly runs for 8 hours. If you have a 1500-watt AC unit that runs continuously, that’s 12 kWh a day—much more than most appliances cost to run in a day.

3. Your Living Environment

If you live in a humid environment, your aircon will need to run more frequently than in a colder area. Using your aircon unit for 3 to 4 hours each day in hotter climes should maintain your home at a comfortable temperature.

4. The Level of Insulation in Your Home

The insulation in your home also influences how long your aircon unit should operate each day. If your home has inadequate insulation, you will need to run your aircon unit more frequently than someone with more excellent insulation. Check for good ventilation and, if necessary, add suitable insulation to determine whether you have poor insulation.

5. The Efficiency of the Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner’s air filter is unclean, it can impair the effectiveness of your aircon unit and cause it to operate longer. Dirt on an aircon unit’s coils reduces efficiency, resulting in higher energy consumption and use. It can also severely limit performance if dirt build-up restricts airflow via the vents.

If your air conditioner runs longer than required when its air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, replacing it will make it more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.


What is The Aircon Run Time? 

Your air conditioner should operate for 15 to 20 minutes on average, with 2-3 cycles every hour. However, the length of time it runs and the number of processes it completes are determined by various parameters such as the size of your home, the external temperature, the insulation in your home, and the thermostat setting.

If your air conditioner runs for more than 20 minutes or cycles more than three times each hour, you may have a problem with your aircon unit that an aircon specialist like Econcool should repair. 

Other Factors Contributing to the Air Conditioner Running Longer

Other factors, unrelated to set temperature or external temperature, may cause your air conditioning system to operate longer than it should. They are as follows:

  • Airflow restriction caused by a blocked filter or a blocked vent
  • A filthy or poorly maintained air conditioner
  • The ductwork that is undersized or damaged
  • Leaking or low refrigerant levels

The Disadvantage of Running an Aircon for 24 Hours


a) It will use more energy and electricity.

An aircon is a high-power device. Despite advances in cooling efficiency and inverter technology, it still uses a significant amount of electricity. The longer it runs, the more power it draws, raising your electricity cost.

b) Will disintegrate more quickly

It might be any electrical equipment. Each has a limited lifespan and will become faulty and inoperable after a certain period of time.

The same may be said for an air conditioner. With vast consumption, its interior unit filters must be cleaned regularly. The outside unit accumulates dust as well. Dust will collect quicker in the condenser unit.

c) You will require regular maintenance.

You may need to service the AC more regularly if dust and salt accumulate in interior and exterior units. Its air filters may need to be replaced within a short amount of time. All of this will increase the expense of upkeep.



Maintain Air Conditioning Services and Maintenance

Remember to consider a malfunctioning air conditioner. Call on specialists like our team at Econcool to deliver quick and simple aircon repair and maintenance services. Our crew can detect and repair minor issues, such as a blocked filter or filthy coils, which can go undiscovered and cause significant harm over time.

Because air conditioning compressors are frequently installed outside the home, they suffer more damage from dirt and dust than inside the unit. This implies they must be cleaned and serviced more regularly.

You can depend on our experienced crew to keep your cooling systems running smoothly. We provide clear and comprehensive services to help you extend the life of your appliances.

Final Thoughts 

There is no risk in running your air conditioner continuously. However, to decrease power usage, keep it at a comfortable temperature. Econcool’s professionals provide high-quality aircon inspection and maintenance services, including repair, gas top, chemical wash, and installation.

If you’re wondering how many hours your aircon should run each day or if you’re experiencing any of the difficulties listed above, give us a call! Our team of experts specialises in aircon.