Why Is My Fridge Door Not Shutting Properly?

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Fridge door not shutting properly

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You open your fridge or freezer door to get something, close it, and return later to find a gap. Because the fridge door didn’t completely close, your meal should be warmer. Maintaining a fridge is as important as any other electrical appliance in your house.

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in your home. You can probably even live without aircon, or. You can even skip cooking hot meals. However, food preservation is a fundamental need in modern living. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so alarming when your refrigerator door does not entirely close. Perhaps it has ceased sealing shut, or you have recently experienced difficulties finding the seal to hold.

Is the Fridge Door Not Closing? Here’s Why


When the fridge door ceases to close correctly or form a suitable seal, cold air can leave, and warm air can enter the compartment. This might lead to moisture within the refrigerator, causing the compressor to overwork. Repairing the refrigerator door may be as simple as reorganizing the supplies, or the closing cam may need replacement. 

The doors of your refrigerator must be firmly sealed since the cold air within your appliance must be appropriately insulated from outside temperatures. 

It’s an irritating situation, but it’s fixable. Whatever the problem with your fridge door, we can assist you in identifying the source and providing a solution

Common Reasons Why The Fridge Door Won’t Close


You’ve previously ensured that nothing in your fridge is pressing on the door, yet it still won’t close. There are a few frequent simple to-fix causes of this.

  • The door has too much weight. Remove any heavy products, such as gallons of milk or juice, to minimise weight.
  • The refrigerator needs to be level. The doors will not close if the front of the refrigerator is leaned forward. Check the fridge with a level before adjusting the feet.
  • The hinges are out of place. Years of usage can pressure your fridge’s hinges, causing them to sag. Using a screwdriver, tighten and adjust the hinges.

If none are the cause, it’s time to examine the door seal on your refrigerator.

Fridge door not closing properly

Check if something is blocking the door.

Things that are too large or have been positioned incorrectly may be blocking the door from shutting. Consider moving them.

Check the Fridge balance.

If your appliance is not balanced, the doors may not close correctly. To test if it’s imbalanced, rock it very slowly. It is not perfectly balanced if you push it from side to side. You may balance it by screwing up or down the feet until it is flat. Bear in mind that the surface should be level as well. If required, relocate the appliance.

Inspect the door seals for any gaps, cracks, or rips.

The cold air within your appliance must be effectively insulated from the outside environment. Check for gaps between the door seal and the cabinet. If you locate any, carefully remove the door seal away from the door with your fingertips. If any gaps remain, the seal may need to be replaced.

Check for frost formation.

Examine your freezer for frost accumulation. The ice in the freezer section may keep the fridge door from shutting correctly. In this situation, you must manually defrost the freezer section.

If you have done some checks and found the issue, the next step would be fixing it. Let’s go through how to fix a refrigerator door that won’t close, seal, or hold a seal.

Fridge door left open overnight

5 Ways to Fix The Fridge Door 


1. Wash The Gasket 

If the gasket is unclean, twisted, separated, or hardened with age, it will not be able to form the seal that will maintain your fridge safely closed with all the cold inside.

Wipe the whole length of the rubber gasket on all possible sides using a moist sponge or towel. A small amount of white vinegar or light dish soap can help break up oil and residue.

2. Remove & Replace The Seal

If your gasket is old or severely broken, you may need to replace it to repair your refrigerator’s seal.

Carefully remove the old gasket, following the directions on the fridge. Then, clean the gasket gap before applying the replacement gasket according to the installation guide. When finished, test the seal to check your work was successful.

3. Remove Items Hogging The Fridge Door

Another issue might be that you have too much heavy stuff on your fridge’s door. If the hinge is already as snug as it can be and the door still won’t seal, the problem might be that cartons of milk and other heavy items kept in the fridge door constantly pull the door out of alignment.

3. Rearrange The Fridge Shelves

Sometimes the issue is as simple as an object obstructing the door. Usually, relocating your fridge shelves will solve the problem. Consider how much room you require and where the door trays will protrude—moving where each rack and compartment slides should allow you to build a more efficient fridge storage arrangement.

4. Change The Fridge Door

Finally, your entire fridge door might be the source of the problem. If the door was damaged or deformed by circumstance, it might never establish a perfect seal or stay shut again. If your fridge door is the issue, consider the expense and value of replacing the entire door vs. simply purchasing a new fridge with all of the bells, whistles, and warranties that come with it.

Why Is My Fridge Door Not Shutting Properly?

While it may seem easy to read and fix on your own, you surely will need the guidance of a fridge expert to help you select the issue. With over 20 years of expertise, our fridge repair and service experts at EconCool will most likely be able to tell you if your door is repairable after asking you a few questions and clarifying the problem to understand better. 

So don’t worry; as Singapore’s leading aircon and fridge repair business, our expert professionals can immediately assist you. In Singapore, we have extensive expertise in fridge repairs for Hitachi, Bosch, Samsung, and other home and commercial fridge manufacturers.

We understand that each customer’s demands are unique. Thus we make every effort to accommodate all areas of fridge maintenance and repair service.

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