12 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Leaking Water in Your Home in Singapore

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For Asian countries like Singapore, air conditioners are essential home appliances; when it’s important, you should place utmost care.

When your aircon starts to leak or has water dripping, it is signalling for maintenance, also known as aircon normal servicing. And after long use, you will require the occasional aircon gas top up.

It is entirely normal for your air conditioner to develop issues over time because of reasons such as lack of proper maintenance, constant usage, and changing weather — all resulting in the malfunction of the cooling appliance where aircon parts replacements are needed. Without a doubt, it can be quite a hassle and uncomfortable when your aircon suddenly starts to have a leaking water issue as it fails to give you and your family the proper cooling environment you need to withstand the heat.

This problem, a bane to the existence of many air conditioner owners, can be attributed to several factors. You can easily avoid this issue by knowing when to service your aircon.

But if you have missed that train, don’t worry. Now is the time to fully understand when and why aircon leaking happens:

12 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Leaking Water:

Several rationales cause aircon leaking water issues or aircon drips. Based on EconCool’s vast experience, listed below are some possibilities.

1. Air Leaking

Air leaking is one of the most common reasons that may lead to aircon leaking and dripping water. The air reaching the air conditioner should pass through the vent for optimal function. Any faulty aircon may lead to leakage of water and air. The air does not pass through the vent as it should. If this doesn’t happen, probably the air is poorly circulating which leads to suboptimal functionality. To confirm whether you’re experiencing an air leak, you should perform basic aircon repair service and troubleshooting by examining the equipment to see if there is air leakage through the grates around the vent. If there is an air leak, you will need to take measures to fix the issue and prevent additional leaks from happening in the future.

2. Aircon Filter Blockage

This is yet another common reason for an aircon leaking and dripping water. When the air filter has some blockage, it will inhibit the flow of air through the aircon system. This will lead to freezing of the air, and when you turn off the aircon or when the desired air temperature is reached, ice formed on the filter starts melting. The water in the aircon system will find its way out and the aircon leaking issue can happen.

3. Aircon Filter Dirty

A dirty or clogged aircon filter will obstruct the airflow to the evaporator, decreasing the temperature. When the coils become too cold, they freeze. As a result of turning off the air conditioning, the indoor unit will stop sucking air into the interior, resulting in a warming and melted ice. It leads to leaks if this melting ice fills up the drip tray.

4. Broken Aircon Pump

Under the cooling coil is a device called the condensation pump. In order to prevent leakage, the pump drains out water thoroughly in order to prevent aircon leak water. A broken pump or a malfunctioning pump caused by dust and dirt causing water to start leaking from your aircon is a clear indication that something is wrong with its servicing work.

5. Leaking In Aircon Condenser Coil

Outside your home is the condenser unit of your air conditioner. Among its components are the coil of the condenser, the compressor, and the blower motor. Due to the unit’s location outside, debris and dirt have a higher probability of accumulating, leading to blockages. In Singapore, it is one of the most common problems experienced by homeowners and aircon owners.

6. Clogged Aircon Drain Line

Your air conditioning unit becomes dysfunctional when there is a clog in the drain line. A buildup of debris, mould, and fungi causes this problem. In the event that these substances accumulate in the drain, the water flowing out of the air conditioner is delayed. An excess of water may accumulate in the system, causing spillage.

The tropical nature of Singapore’s climate means that air conditioning units in Singapore infiltrate water slower than average because the inflow of water is slower than average. The result is that when the drain line gets clogged, there is little to no flow of water. Your air conditioner may leak and drip water as a result.

7. Incorrect Installation

When proper aircon installation service is performed, you will not be facing water leaks. But if circumstances are otherwise, what you need to ensure is the front of the air conditioner is cooler than the rear while it is being installed. If this is done, the water will be drained properly and won’t leak. Poor installation is often the cause of leakage. In order to prevent leaks, you should install your air conditioner with a proper inclination. When the unit is inclined incorrectly, water may not drain properly.


8. Aircon Maintenance Issue

Air conditioners require regular and proper maintenance, just like any other home appliance. Try to clean your air conditioner as often as possible. If necessary, consult a professional. EconCool offers thorough aircon chemical wash and cleaning services. The evaporator coil should also be checked to ensure it is working properly and is not rusted. Air conditioners that leak water if not regularly serviced may lead to more frequent problems.

9. Drain Pan Corrosion

Due to the reaction of water and oxygen (oxygen), iron rusts whenever it comes into contact with water. Due to the metal composition of the drain pan, it is prone to rust. The presence of persistent rust in the drain pan may clog the unit, preventing water from flowing outside. Consequently, spills may occur, resulting in air conditioning leaks.

10. Frozen Aircon Coil

Within the air conditioner is the evaporator coil. The coil inside an air conditioner indicates that the melting process is slower and causes water to spill over the drain pan.

Filters that have become dirty are a major cause of a frozen air conditioner. Air in the coil should not flow over the filter. Dirt clogs up the filter, preventing warm current from passing and lowering the temperature—consequently, ice forms due to freezing.

11. Low Temperatures Outside

Your air conditioner freezes when it is too cold outside. The cooling coil is affected, especially at night when the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

12. Clogged Condensation Line

The air conditioner draws humid and warm indoor air and blows it over frozen pipes. Since it is filled with cold refrigerant, the coils are colder than the air. Water condenses when moisture vapour in the air is forced to condense on the cold coil. This will result in the air conditioner dripping unless the water is collected and drained off properly.

Water accumulates in the air conditioner due to a drain line. Water cannot drip outside because of the drain line. You should be concerned if the drip pan is full or overflowing. In addition, if the area is rusty, you need professional help immediately.


Facing unexpected aircon leaking issues can lead to a series of severe damages. We hope the few common causes listed above can guide you to stay alert for any aircon leaking issues you may face at home. After all, prevention is always better than cure. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also learn how to repair your aircon leak issue yourself! But if the problems persist, you must contact EconCool, the best aircon servicing in Singapore, to help you investigate or resolve them instantly.


Yes, it’s completely normal! When your aircon leaks, it is often due to minor defects and will need some maintenance and servicing to function correctly again.

Generally, if your aircon’s dripping water near the drain pipe, especially on a hot day, then this is very normal. Don’t be alarmed when there’s a small puddle too!

However, if your aircon leaks heavily INSIDE your home, there may be a more significant issue. Best you contact an experienced technician like EconCool to get to the root of the problem.

No, you have nothing to worry about! It is likely only a sign for you to book an appointment for a normal aircon servicing soon. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try to resolve aircon water leaks yourself!

Depending on the leak cause, we recommend that you contact an aircon technician to inspect your leaking aircon and repair it professionally.

Yes, you can continue using your aircon even though it is leaking. However, you must get it resolved as soon as possible! If there is water leaking from your unit, this may indicate a severe problem. For example, your drainpipe may require repair or unclogging when your split aircon leaks water; you might need the drainpipe repaired or cleared. If your window unit’s leaking, the air filter may be at fault, so you’ll either want to replace the filter or inspect for clogging.

You can look for many signs and ways to prevent an aircon from leaking, one of which is checking the drain pan. You can start by finding the pan under the evaporator coil, which collects condensation your indoor unit produces. Inspect it thoroughly and look for signs of damage. If found, then that may be a reason for your aircon leaks. 

You should inspect your drain pan even if your aircon isn’t leaking. For instance, when your pan is cracked or rusted, it is a clear sign for a replacement to prevent further leaks.

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No, it is not dangerous if water leaks from air conditioners. But it will be a hassle with the leaks becomes excessive over continuous use. From a minor aircon water leak to a severe water leaking issue.

There are many reasons why your aircon pipe leaks. Usually, it’s because of problems with the drain, where the pan might be overflowing or clogged.

When your aircon leaks water inside the house, it is often due to a clogged drain pipe. When it is clogged, it blocks the water from flowing out seamlessly. Other reasons to consider are a filthy filter and a damaged overflow pan.

They can satisfactorily inspect your aircon unit and repair it immediately.

Proper and regular aircon maintenance can help prevent water from leaking from your unit. Always ensure the drain isn’t clogged and adequately sealed.

Yes, as prevention is better than cure. The leaking water proves that the ac system is gradually failing and requires immediate repair or replacement.

When your air conditioner leaks, it manifest in various ways such as moisture around the equipment, water seeping onto flooring near the unit, air blowing hot despite cool breezes, and more.

Yes, some compressors can leak water, depending on the severity. Due to the condensation process, compressors are made of metal; it expands when it gets hot and contracts when it cools. When compression continuously occurs, there’s a lot of temperature change inside the coil to the point that condensation commonly develops.

Three factors to consider:

  1. Poor performance by the technician who has incorrectly tightened the aircon parts.
  2. Improper reassembly of aircon system.
  3. The aircon seal wasn’t correctly applied or cracked due to contamination, leading to leaks.

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We have expert aircon technicians with over 20 years of experience. We perform preventive or emergency air conditioning services in Singapore so our customers can fully enjoy their household appliances’ performance.

We provide high-quality and professional maintenance and repair services for aircon systems. Rest assured, when it comes to servicing and repairing your aircon in Singapore, we highly regard our technicians and believe we will deliver the best results!