Top 7 Reasons Your Aircon Is Making Rattling Noises

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If you’ve gotten accustomed to relying on your air conditioner to keep you cool throughout the hot and humid weather in Singapore, unusual or strange loud noises from your aircon might be concerning.

Ignoring any odd aircon rattling sounds can lead to minor problems into high costs. These noises might indicate anything, from a quick check to repairing or replacing your aircon. The quicker you can figure out what’s causing the noise and fix your A/C, the better it is. Like they always say, prevention is better than cure. 

A decent aircon is ideal for being comfortable in Singapore’s weather. However, if it isn’t operating correctly, it might be inconvenient. Because rattling noises are one of the earliest indicators of a malfunction, it’s important to understand some of the probable causes of your air conditioner’s unusually noisy operation.

Noisy Aircon Problems and What They Mean

When your aircon starts making a peculiar noise, you may question whether it is the reason for concern or not. Different noises indicate different problems, ranging from simple dust and debris you can clean up at home to complex reasons requiring an aircon specialist’s expertise.

If you are confused about the frequent aircon rattling sounds your air conditioner might make, what they could mean, and how to fix or troubleshoot the aircon problem, here are seven reasons why your aircon is making rattling noises. 

Top 7 Reasons for Aircon Rattling Noise


With over a decade of experience in the aircon industry in Singapore, we outline aircon noise problems for your reference:

#1. Loud Banging Noise Means Loose Parts

If your aircon compressor is creating a pounding or rattling noise, it is most likely due to a loose or damaged component. Hearing an exterior aircon unit noise, such as pounding, typically indicates that your unit has worn down over time, allowing compressor parts to break free and pound or rattle around. 

To repair a pounding noise from your aircon compressor, you may need to hire an aircon specialist to tighten or replace any loose or broken parts in your system. A complete compressor replacement may be necessary if this does not resolve the problem.

A rattling sound usually suggests that something is loose inside the air conditioner. This might be loose fan blades, damaged parts, or huge debris that has made its way into the air conditioning machine. When the components wear out, there is frequent aircon rattling noise with old air conditioners.

#2: Humming Noise Means Coils Are Dirty 

If your air conditioner is humming instead of rattling, the problem is most likely filthy coils. When dirt accumulates around the evaporator coil, it can cause loud noises that resemble a low humming sound – resulting in faulty electrical components.

If you see dust on your air conditioner compressor or evaporator coils, you may blast the material away with compressed air or gently clean the dust away with a toothbrush. If your air conditioner continues to hum, the air conditioner may need to be cleaned.

#3: Squealing Noise Means Refrigerant Leak 

A hissing or screeching sound suggests a refrigerant leak. To avoid mishaps, turn off your air conditioner immediately and disconnect the equipment. A professional aircon specialist should evaluate your air conditioner for potential gas leaks since doing it yourself is exceedingly risky. In the meanwhile, stop using the air conditioner.

#4: Clanking Noise Means Broken Part 

Another indicator of a loose or damaged component is clanking. If the noise comes from your interior unit, the parts within the sealed unit will likely fail. The compressor itself might have gotten loose, requiring a replacement. A clanging sound might indicate that the interior blower or outdoor fan and its blades are out of tune and colliding with other components.

To correct a clanging noise, you may need to fix your aircon unit’s inside blower or outside fan to restore balance. Calling a professional to inspect clanking noises before they become more significant problems is always a good idea.

#5: Buzzing Noise Means Outdoor Unit Problem

A loud, low, buzzing noise emanating from your outdoor aircon unit might mean one of several things. Inside the outside air conditioner, there might be loose screws, damaged parts, or trash rattling. This is a regular occurrence when the outside fan collects material ranging from tiny stones to fallen leaves.

A buzzing noise might potentially be an indication of a problem with the outside fan motor. Check your outside condenser unit for any dirt that may be caught within at the first sign of a buzzing sound. Clean the outside unit with a hose and a long brush, or blow the trash away with compressed air. Consult a specialist if your aircon system is clear but still making noise.

#6: Whirring Noise Means Debris

Instead of a rattling or pounding noise, a whirring sound suggests that material has been trapped inside the air conditioner. When air travels around a soft bit of debris, such as a sliver of paper, it makes a whistling or whirring noise inside the unit. The trash in the outside unit is most likely a dropped leaf, straw, or wild bird feathers.

A loud noise that sounds more like helicopter blades, on the other hand, suggests a problem with the fan blades or fan motor. When these components of your air conditioner wear down, they make loud, whirring noises. To avoid further harm, turn off the air conditioner immediately.

#7: Hissing Noise Means Air Leak 

A hiss from your loud air conditioner might indicate one of two things: an air leak anywhere in the unit or a refrigerant leak in the compressor. An air leak is a minor issue that is more bothersome than anything else. A refrigerant leak, on the other hand, is a major worry. All split systems and ducted air conditioners include refrigerant gases. These gases adjust the air travelling through the system to deliver the necessary heating and cooling.

Leaking refrigerant gas can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, and because the gases include toxic compounds, they may poison if breathed and contaminate the environment if discharged into the atmosphere.

If you hear a hissing noise or your air conditioner isn’t heating or cooling like it used to, it’s time to call an air conditioning specialist to seal the leak and conduct an air conditioning re-gas change.

Air Conditioner Noise Repairs 

Noises are a pretty standard part of your air conditioner’s functioning, but knowing how to distinguish between the rattling aircon sounds or noises of a working motor and a broken one may make or break your system’s lifespan.

Annual air conditioner service and checks are the greatest approaches to maintaining your air conditioner free of defects. A professional aircon technician may provide maintenance by cleaning, inspecting, and regassing a system to ensure peak performance during peak seasons. A technician can also detect possible flaws before they do major costly damage.

What Should You Do If Your Aircon Unit Is Noisy But Not Broken?

There are various solutions to mute the aircon rattling sounds if you call a service expert to come by and they detect nothing wrong with your noisy A/C or if you are seeking ways to minimize the unit’s sound.

  • Soundproofing is an excellent strategy to minimize outside A/C unit sounds from infiltrating your house. Here are some suggestions:
  • Remove the top of your air conditioner’s outside unit and place a sound blanket over the compressor—the blanket should rest directly on top of it.
  • Surround your aircon unit with plants or a sound-dampening fence made of overlapping planks. This approach can also conceal the outside part, which many owners find interesting. Ensure the fence is three feet away from the air conditioner to get the needed airflow.
  • Large houseplants or soundproof curtains can be placed in front of the windows on the side of the home facing the aircon.



Aside from the fact that aircon rattling noises are annoying, they should not be disregarded since they may indicate a more severe problem. Call EconCool for a competent technician to efficiently address the air conditioner sounds problem. We also provide chemical overhaul and other air conditioning services depending on your demands. 

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