Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Service Your Aircon

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Why It's Important To Service Your Aircon In Singapore

Table of Contents

It’s that time again when Singapore experiences the hottest weather. This year especially, Singaporeans find themselves in distress as the days feel longer as it gets warmer.

National Environment Agency’s Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) stated that the months of April and May are warmer for the country due to inter-monsoon conditions, which are characterised by strong heating from the sun and light variable winds, as reported in The Straits Times.

And with climate change gradually making its presence, Singapore and the rest of the world ought to take necessary precautionary measures.

On that note, whilst preserving nature, you can still maintain a certain comfort level at home or your workplace. The easiest and quickest way to relieve the discomfort of the sweltering heat is simply by switching on the aircon, which is why it is so important to perform regular maintenance and repair services for your aircon.

We won’t deny that your aircon does not require maintenance nearly as frequently as a vehicle. Or how regular your refrigerator needs care and maintenance servicing

And what we found out after having done a simple survey, most homeowners in Singapore are not aware of the importance of keeping an aircon clean, let alone knowing what repairs and when it’s needed!

It is easy to know when your aircon is ready to undergo the normal aircon servicing. We have also listed some signs on when your aircon needs repair and maintenance services here

Our survey also noted that most find aircon repairs and maintenance services over their budget if needed regularly. Thankfully, EconCool’s services, including aircon repairs, aircon normal servicing, aircon parts replacement, and others, are affordably curated to fulfil our customers’ budgets and requirements.

A home in Singapore needs fully operational air conditioning equipment for its inhabitants to be able to unwind and get the best possible rest. However, your air conditioner will eventually develop minor or severe mechanical problems after extensive usage.

When you fully comprehend the importance of maintaining the performance of your aircon through these services, you will be saving more in the future as less repair and maintenance work are needed.

Below we have compiled three reasons why it’s important to service your AC and why your aircon needs to be cleaned.

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Service Your Aircon


  • Disregard Minor AC Issues Leads To Major Expensive Concerns

For example, one night, you noticed your aircon was dripping water from the unit. Not long after, the drip stops. Suddenly, it happens a few days later, and you assume it will just stop again, so there’s no cause for worry.

If you choose to disregard minor concerns in the beginning stages, you may be laying the groundwork for more significant challenges in the future. By educating yourself on various reasons you should clean your air conditioner, you can ensure that it functions effectively and to its full potential, allowing you to take pleasure in the cooling air throughout the year.

  • Regular Aircon Maintenance Ensures Unit’s Longevity 

Often, people are too nonchalant about their aircon units – they constantly switch on and off their aircon units as they please without giving any regard to whether or not it requires maintenance. 

You may not give much thought to this issue, but keeping your air conditioner clean is one of the many reasons it is vital to ensure that it remains in good operating order. 

Did you know that experts have advised aircon owners to perform aircon chemical clean or normal aircon maintenance at least once every six months?

Given Singapore’s tropical climate, especially now in the second quarter of the year when it’s sweltering, we must maintain the condition of our aircon more than ever.

  • Clean Aircon For Better Health

When you do not regularly clean your air conditioners, it can be a source of discomfort, particularly for people who have asthma and are very sensitive to dust or any forms of allergens. 

When dust and grime accumulate inside an air conditioner, it can cause clogging, which limits airflow. Because of this, your air conditioning operates at a lower efficiency, which means that you are paying for cooling that you are not receiving. And when airflow seems limited, it can feel suffocating for many.


You can avoid these areas of concern when performing regular servicing and aircon repair troubleshooting to maintain efficiency. Be sure to hire reliable and trustworthy technicians when doing so. They can also detect any defects or issues early on, saving you money in the long run by preventing the need for costly replacements.

Sensitive to our customers’ needs, EconCool offers competitive but affordable air conditioning service prices with promising quality and professionalism, ensuring the unit’s longevity. 

So worry no more, contact us and we will try to find a middle ground for you as our only wish is to remain the best aircon servicing company in Singapore.