Do Fridges Need Servicing?

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EconCool technician repair and service fridge

Table of Contents

Imagine waking up in the morning, ready to start your day with a hearty meal but being shattered with the stench of spoilt food because you forgot to service your fridge a month ago..

This can happen when you often postpone or do not place importance on your refrigerator care and maintenance that should occur regularly.

Why Your Fridge Needs Servicing

For your fridge-freezer to continue running smoothly and prolong its life, you must perform regular fridge servicing, including the necessary fridge maintenance and repair to keep your produce fresh and edible.

Fridge servicing often encompasses two main criteria: fridge maintenance and fridge repair. In this post, we will highlight the critical importance of both services so that you will know precisely what your fridge needs.

Sometimes, it might just need professional cleaning and troubleshooting. Other times, your fridge might need an overhaul and repair due to dangerous gas leakage and excessive water leaks.

If you cannot determine what your refrigerator needs, you can simply contact EconCool, and our professional customer care will advise and clarify accordingly. You must relay precisely what issues you are facing with your fridge for us to send over the right technician to your home or office.

At EconCool, we provide two fridge services, including care and maintenance for your fridge and significant repair as well as troubleshooting.

Fridge Maintenance

So when do you need routine fridge maintenance? You can start by first checking the thermostat in your fridge. A fridge should be set with common temperatures between 2.8°C and 4.4°C. If yours falls above it, it might experience an increase in condensation, causing further damage to your fridge. That signal you need to then book an appointment with EconCool to service your fridge.

Another sign that you need a fridge maintenance service is when you notice your recent utility bills have drastically spiked. Due to an overheated motor, your refrigerator might work harder than it should. Get it serviced ASAP!

If you realise your vegetables aren’t looking fresh and the smell of your packed dinner from last night is off, then it’s time for a good fridge servicing too. Don’t forget to inform EconCool! You might be worried you are experiencing critical problems, but it could be just something minor. So don’t worry; contact EconCool for peace of mind.

It’s essential to be aware of the signs that signals your refrigerator may be faulty. With regular fridge servicing and maintenance, you can avoid unexpected kitchen problems as you’ve disregarded any warning indicators. 

Fridge Repair

Our technicians are always ready to jump on the fridge repair service you need for the heavier and more technical workload! 

Many signs can help determine whether it’s time for your fridge to undergo professional repair, and we’re here to help ease your concerns.

If you find that the top shelf of your refrigerator is frozen, but the lower shelves are at a warmer temperature, or vice versa, this is a sign to get your fridge repaired as soon as possible.

Another sign you need to note is when your fridge often trips, which is likely due to the compressor issue. When your compressor turns on to run the cooling cycle, it will trip the breaker, typically due to a grounding issue the compressor faces. Essentially, it is causing your fridge’s compressor to become overloaded with electricity.


So fret not; as the best aircon and fridge repair company in Singapore, our knowledgeable technicians can help you immediately. We have vast experience in fridge repairs Hitachi, Bosch, Samsung and other domestic and commercial fridge brands in Singapore.

Our fridge services are dependable and effective as we employ cutting-edge procedures and approaches. We are fully aware that every customer’s needs are to each their own; hence, we ensure to cater for all aspects of fridge maintenance and repair service.

Contact us today and get your fridge serviced with Singaporeans’ favourite household appliance repair company!