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EconCool SG is highly rated in Singapore for its reliable fridge repair services, including air conditioner refrigerator repair. Fridge too cold? Freezer too icy? Don’t worry, hire our refrigerator technicians today so they can repair and get your fridge running smoothly in no time!

We are confident in the quality of our fridge servicing as our technicians are highly skilled and constantly readying themselves to remain the best. They receive ongoing training, ensuring our repairers stay abreast of technical changes and are familiar with the most current refrigerator repair service and models available on the market. Rest assured, our team can solve any refrigerator issue correctly and quickly. Our service includes household and commercial fridge repairs in Singapore for fridge brands such as Samsung, Hitachi, and Bosch.

Satisfaction Always Guaranteed With Our Refrigerator Repair Service

Remaining steadfast and constantly improving are some of our strengths. We never force our customers to take on services that they don’t need. Firstly, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection before giving appropriate advice and solutions. We will then make an appointment with the customer to visit their home anywhere in Singapore to perform fridge servicing or repair work for the air conditioner refrigerator. 

The leading choice for care and maintenance of refrigerators, chest freezer maintenance, and fridge servicing for many companies and households in Singapore, we take pride in our work and cherish every client we serve. Our team will also observe and comply with the COVID-19 rules and regulations in Singapore for a safe work environment. 

Our Fridge Services:

Fridge Maintenance Service in Singapore

Fridge Maintenance

Our fridge servicing includes the upkeep of your refrigerator’s air conditioner and performance, regular gas top-up, chest freezer maintenance and other preventive measures.

Fridge Repair Services in Singapore

Fridge Repair

We attend to repairs for domestic fridges, commonly found in most households, and commercial fridges found in businesses in Singapore for brands such as Samsung, Hitachi, Bosch and more!

Professional Refrigerator Care and Maintenance in Singapore

Hygiene in the refrigerator and chest freezer is more important than you think. Unfortunately, the cold doesn’t prevent germs from spreading in your fridge; in fact, many germs may still thrive at frigid temperatures. So, how can you keep your fridge and food free of germs? You may disinfect your unit, remove all old food before it spoils, and clean the whole fridge regularly, among other things.

We understand that most of you don’t have time to handle everything yourself. And in other cases, by the time you remember to do it, it’s turned into a monstrous job. But that is we will be able to assist you even from there. EconCool, Singaporeans’ favourite fridge repair and servicing, will take care of everything for you.

When You Need A Fridge Service?


Fridge Isn't Cooling Properly

The thermostat might have an issue if the door seals are tight and the condenser coils are clean. (Look for frost in the freezer; it’s a telling indicator.)

Puddle of Moisture On The Seal Under The Fridge

The mullion heater, a small heater implanted in the device that prevents condensation, may have burnt out. Or you may have a defective door seal.


Strange Noises

The compressor could be shot if you hear thumping or strange noise. But if the noise is more squeaky, you may need a new freezer fan.

Types of Fridge We Service and Repair

Domestic Fridge

A domestic fridge is the type of refrigeration unit you commonly find in most households in Singapore. Its function includes keeping food cool enough so it won’t go off and last its freshness. You can find various domestic fridges in the market today that are single units or combined with a freezer. It has many height versions, ranging from small-box refrigerators that can often fit in a hotel room to large fridge and freezer units about 7 feet tall or higher.

img domestic frige

Commercial Fridge

A commercial fridge is a refrigerator used as cold storage for businesses such as caterers, restaurants, hotels, and pubs in Singapore. The fridge doors are designed to function for busy caterers who need to open and close multiple times each hour where frequent temperature changes occur. Commercial fridges have built-in powerful compressors which regulate and reduce the temperature inside the refrigerator. It is also noisier than a domestic fridge due to the fan, which allows the refrigerator to move cold around its contents for optimal performance.

img commercial frige

We are committed to ensuring that your fridge operates as efficiently as possible so that your food stays frozen and lasts longer. You will never have to be worried about your refrigerator's defrosting schedule being irregular again!​

It's critical to seek fridge services as soon as possible to avoid spoilage. With our 24/7 support service, you can be confident that our qualified specialists will arrive quickly and repair any refrigeration issues.​



Our Fridge Service Process:


Humans tend to ignore mould until it spreads all over the place. Our deep disinfection service makes sure that you don't miss a thing. With regular disinfection, your fridge is sure to be free of the things that make you scream in the dark.


Quality repair work is what we always guarantee to our customers. We are sincere and committed to our field, ensuring satisfaction for both ends. Contact us today for the best fridge servicing in Singapore!


We do a full diagnostic test before starting repairs. Figuring out what's wrong with your refrigerator is what we do best, and our inspection service finds all its defects, so you'll know what to look out for.​


If you think you face a minor problem with your refrigerator and need our help to fix it, contact our customer service. We will reply to you as soon as possible and provide only helpful advice.

Free Quote, Anyone?

Do you want to know the average fridge repair cost in Singapore? Not as much as you think!
If you’re worried about how much your fridge repair will cost, we won’t leave you guessing.

We offer free estimations for our fridge services, so you know what to expect precisely even before giving you the bill. Guaranteeing no hidden charges, contact us today!