Should You Turn Your Aircon Off When You Leave Your Home?

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Air conditioners are generally the most power-hungry appliances in the home, so it’s no wonder that many people turn them off to conserve energy. However, there is some debate regarding whether or not this is a good idea. Is it best to keep your air conditioner on or off when you leave the house? Here’s what you should know.

Turning off the aircon before leaving the house is a straightforward approach to conserve energy – and besides, if there is no one present at home, the temperature inside the house shouldn’t matter, right? Turning off the aircon, however, frequently causes more difficulties than it solves. Worse, you may wind up consuming more energy in the long term. 

Should You Turn Your Aircon Off When You Leave Your Home?

Is It Good to Keep Your Aircon On All Day?


Do you save energy by turning off your air conditioner when you leave work, or is it preferable to leave it running at the same temperature setting all day? Wasting electricity also wastes money. It necessitates the use of additional coal and other fossil fuels contributing to global climate change.

There are undoubtedly better methods if you aim to save money on your next electricity bill. Some of the reasons why you should leave the aircon running when you leave your house are highlighted in this blog post.

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Is it cheaper to turn off your aircon unit?


First, it is necessary to dispel the idea that your aircon unit will have to exert so much effort to keep your home cooling that it costs more to shut down your air conditioning. That is just not how aircon systems function. Your aircon operates at the same pace regardless of the temperature. It runs longer to chill off your home. 

This implies that if you kept your aircon on all day, it would turn on and off needed to sustain a cool temperature. Meanwhile, if you turn it on in the evening, it will run continuously for a few hours rather than switching on and off repeatedly. All of the time wasted turning it on and off eventually adds up. Your aircon will operate considerably longer if it is left on all day instead of switching it off. If you switch it off for a portion of the day, it runs less and saves you more energy.

Should You Turn Your Aircon Off When You Leave Your Home?

Reasons Why You Should Not Turn Off Your Aircon Unit


So, since it saves money and isn’t harmful to your system, why would anyone leave their AC on throughout the day? Unfortunately, this aircon schedule does not meet the demands and needs of the majority of individuals. If you work a conventional 9-to-5 job, turning off your air conditioner means it is not running during the warmest portion of the day. 

Your home might become highly humid if your air conditioner is not working for several hours. This is harmful to both home furniture and the structure itself. 

Mould and mildew are more prone to grow, and wood or paper may distort as a result. Another potential issue is that the additional high interior temperatures created by turning off your air conditioner might be hazardous to other living beings. Turning off your air conditioning is not a wise idea if you have a pet or a lot of houseplants.

There are several compelling reasons to leave your aircon (or at least a part of it) running while you’re away. 

Should You Turn Your Aircon Off When You Leave Your Home?

Why Keep The Aircon On Instead of Shutting It Off? 


1. It will make your home more comfortable.

One of the most critical characteristics of a well-designed Air conditioning system is its capacity to recover rapidly after a period of inactivity. If you’re going out of the house for less than two hours, you won’t be wasting electricity by leaving your air conditioner on. 

What have you saved if you leave the system running to save money on electricity but return to a burning house? It is best if your system can handle the strain without too much hassle or energy. Making sure your aircon unit is scheduled for aircon servicing regularly also helps improve its performance. 

2. Prevents the growth of mould

When a house is allowed to overheat, condensation forms on the walls, windows, and floor, because of the moisture produced within the home and the coldness outside; this water can dramatically enhance the odds of mould growth.

3. Cools down pets

While it is vital to provide fresh air and exercise for your pet, keeping them in a hot house for hours is cruel and illegal in many areas. During the day, it is advisable to alter the temperature or leave them with friends or family members at home.

4. You need to turn off your aircon to save money.

Turning off the aircon before leaving for work will not save you any money. It takes more energy to turn it back on than to keep it at a constant temperature all day. Furthermore, coming to a hot and warm home requires your aircon to work extra to cool off each room again, consuming even more energy.

How Can Regular Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Help?


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